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16 October 2009

A Recipe to Share - Lettuce as a Wrap

In the past it has been a challenge to find foods that I can prepare which my mom will eat. She's very fussy. I don't think I was as fussy as a child. If I was, I suppose I have it coming to me.

My mom has troubles with Lewy when she eats any gluten, rice, barley, rye or oats. Even gluten free bread is a problem. DAMN!

I personally love Romaine lettuce and one day I had an idea. If I trim the rib of the lettuce leaf with a sharp knife, I could make it so the lettuce wouldn't snap when I rolled it.

It worked! Now, I use big romaine lettuce leaves in place of the Lavash roll ups. The lettuce is very durable with hot food too.

The next time I make the wraps, I'll write another post and include pictures.

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