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01 October 2009

Himalayan Salt - stops hallucinations?

My mom hasn't been right since her big upset last week with the bank and the crazy bank fees they had charged her.

Hallucinations have become a regular occurrence for her and it's beginning to drive me insane. All day long she finds me in the house or yard and tells me about the people. The lady. The man. The midgets. The whole gang is back!

I tell her that there's no one else in the house, just Rachel, her and me (and Brian when he's not working.) Today she came in to my office on the other side of the house to see if I was OK. The people had taken me away and she was worried. She had to come and find me.

Ironically I was searching on the internet for an answer to these hallucinations that seem to have come back out of no where... this time with a vengence.

My mom's blood sugar is always in the 80 - 100 range, it never gets high anymore. Her blood pressure has a high systolic number and low dystolic number (130+/60+).

I ask myself, what has changed in her diet? She's gone gluten free. I make everything from scratch. I don't add salt to my mom's food.

Last weekend Brian and I saw something about Himalyan Salt and it's health benefits. I remember saying to Brian, "Oh, I'll have to get some of that."

Today when I went to the butcher to get meat for dinner I noticed Himalyan Salt on the top of the counter. All I could remember is saying, "Oh, I'll have to get some of that." I did.

Of course I came home and looked up the health benefits of Himalyan Salt which you can read about here at Shirley's Wellness Cafe.

Shirley's page got me thinking of search strings to find more answers to help solve my current problem... stopping my mom's hallucinations. The searches lead me to Magnesium deficiencies which you can read about here at the Magnesium Online Library.

I found it interesting that a Magnesium deficiency can cause dementia. Magnesium is one of the minerals found in Himalyan Salt.

At 3pm every day I give my mom a little snack to help get her through to dinner. Today I told her about the link between magnesium and dementia that I had just learned. I also reminded her that the salt that we bought while out today has magnesium in it and asked her if she wanted a tomato with a little of the Himalyan Salt as a snack.

She ate the tomato. I asked her to let me know if she sees anyone or if the hallucinations go away. I'll check on her and update this post if the Magnesium in the salt sent her hallucinations packing.


  1. Update: I gave my mom her snack of tomatoes and a little of the himalyan salt yesterday afternoon. She still had hallucinations. Maybe she needs straight Magnesium tablets? Today we see our Naturopathic Doctor. I'm hoping to be able to bring my mom's blood test results with us so that he can potentially solve our problem.

  2. interesting. my grandfather never really suffered hallucinations, but he DID from time to time, especially if we were in someplace foreign, like a hospital, mistook shadows for people walking by.

  3. My mom reacts the same way that your grandfather did, especially if things are not in order in her living space.

    All day yesterday when I would talk to her she would look behind me and not focus on my face at all. She was looking for the little people... floating heads... the lady... God, I hope we can chase her imaginary friends out of town soon.

    Today, the people are gone. Nothing like a good night sleep and some helleborus niger to get her back to normal.