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29 October 2009

An Average Day with my Mom

Today wasn't a great day for my mom, nor was it a bad day. We landed somewhere in the middle.

She sort of knew who I was but had trouble understanding why the Sue impostor uses the same name. How do I explain that?

I told her that I'm Sue, Susie, Susan... all the same person who does it all for her. That's when she says, "Wow! You mean, YOU ARE SUSAN? My Susan?" Yup, that's me.

My mom was amazed at how "smart" one of her kids is, she does understand on some level what I've been able to help her to accomplish with her health. It isn't easy, but screw it, anything worthwhile is worth doing right.

I don't know if I'm making a mistake, making suggestions that we can heal her Lewy Bodies, but I figured, what have we got to lose? I do believe that the power of the human mind and body can overcome shit that no one thought possible. I'm one for being a pioneer in this field and finding a solution to a problem that rips apart lives.

Lewy Bodies Dementia sucks.

Of all the Alzheimer's type dementia's, I'd say LBD is the best one, if you can call it "best." It doesn't make the patient prolong their lives. Aricept and the other pharma drugs can prolong life for the family, but what the hell is that doing for the patient?

If a person doesn't have a quality of life, what's the freakin point of waking up in the morning?

I can see my mom's point. But, I feel that she's got some life in her. She has a fairly new pace maker, it would be a shame not to have it get used. Tonight I said to her, "Ma, but you have a new pacemaker, you are healthier than you've been in years, come on, we can beat this thing. Are you with me?"

She smiled at me with strong belief in her eyes and said, "Yes, I'm with you!"

At least she has hope. She has a will to live. I tell her that it's possible that she's healed and able to drive again some day. It's all possible.

I call this "happy talk." Hope makes her want to keep on keeping on. Why not? She is finally organized. My entire life she told me about how she wanted to be organized. I helped her... she's organized now and loves it. She loves having a place for everything. NO wonder she thinks she's in heaven. Oh ya, she has her own toilet that someone else cleans, so she's definitely in heaven.

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