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12 October 2009

Moving Ma... what a GREAT move!

Moving Ma to our Master Suite was the best thing we could have done. It was Brian's idea. He's been worried about my mom feeling vulnerable downstairs all by herself in this big house.

Lots of windows and doors. The shadows. The real living people walking on our street and reflecting in the window on the opposite side of the room made it appear that people were floating above the pool. All things that could contribute to her delicate mental state.

I asked her Neurologist if a move would help her and he said NO. Well Doc, we believe it has helped. She doesn't see people upstairs like downstairs. She had the little girl follow her upstairs but she told me she's ignoring her.

I took Ma's picture yesterday, as she was settling in her new room. She did NOT like this picture, she told me that she looks fat in it. I told her that it's a great picture, we needed to take it for Ann and Donna to see her new living space. Ann, Donna... here's Ma's new set up. She is very happy in her new quarters.

This morning her blood pressure numbers were awesome, 117/63 and a heart rate of 53. She is relaxed upstairs. Her room is next to my office. I'll be able to work! All mom needs is for me to be nearby.

Oh... I am LOVING having our new space downstairs. We have a living room. A nice bedroom with an attached bathroom. Not as big as the master bath but still nice. We don't have to sneak around the house. We can roam freely. We can go outside at night with out waking up either mom. A dream come true.

I didn't get to say my mantra this morning upon awaking. I heard the creaky floor above me squeek telling me that my mom was up. I greeted her with a bright good morning and she smiled bright with a big good morning in return.

Finally she needed to use the bathroom. Constipation comes with her condition. All day yesterday I gave her foods and liquids that would get her moving. Before she went to bed I gave her Reiki. She actually fell fast asleep with in minutes of my putting my hands on her lower back.

The Reiki, prunes, hot water, plum tea, senna tea... all of it seemed to work this morning. She needed to use the bathroom. Yay! We could almost hear the band start to play a victory song.

We had a frost last night so I went outside this morning and hosed down my plants, using the old farmers trick to keep the crops going longer. If you spray your plants that have frost on them, with water, before the sun hits the leaves, the plant will live another day.

All my geraniums need to be pulled out. I didn't have a chance to do it yesterday. Today, I will pull them all up and store them for the winter. I'll soak their roots in water for 2 hours once a month through winter and in spring, I'll plant them in the ground again for another round of beautiful flowers. This is the 6th fall that I've pulled these geraniums. I feel so frugal!

Feeling proud of myself for getting out there before the sun hit the leaves, my mom came downstairs and said, "Where's the plunger?" Oh God. Not what I wanted to hear. As we walked back to her bathroom she told me how she knew she should have flushed more... oh God. She told me it was over flowing. Oh God... No. Please I thought, please let me not gag.

I got the problem fixed. I couldn't call Brian out of bed. He's sick with a cold or flu, not sure. I never cleaned the floor in the bathroom yesterday so I got to do it today, before a cup of coffee. I didn't gag either, it wasn't as bad as my mom had me believe.

Mom slept good last night. She didn't wake up. She dreampt of her dad. He didn't say anything to her, he was just there.

Moving her was a great idea... a great move. Today is another GREAT DAY because I'm declaring it right now to be one.

Happy Monday. Today we see her Endocrinologist, our favorite doctor.

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