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05 April 2009

Why do I care?

Today I was asked by a friend, "Why do you care so much about your Uncle?"

I didn't have to think twice for an answer, it was simple. The reason I care is because both him and my mom were abandoned when they were little. Their dad died when my mom was 6 and my Uncle was 9. Their mom lost the house and they slept in church pews. Somehow they ended up at relatives homes and my mom's mother was committed to a mental institution along with their older sister.

My mom often told me the story how she lived with different relatives, one of them was Louise of Louise's Ravioli's. Eventually, when she was in High School she got a job caring for a doctor's children. She lived with them.

As time went on, she became a really good dancer and danced at the Ocean View in Revere. Uncle Al went too. That's where my mom met my dad. At first she didn't like him, but he was persistent.

They got married. Al went to live with them until he got on his feet. He got a job and was able to find his own place. Uncle Al was introduced to my father's sister and his cousin. The plan was for Al to hook up with my father's sister. Instead, he fell for my dad's cousin. He married her.

They could never have kids so they adopted a little girl that they loved so deeply, more than anything in this world.

Janet died about 10 years ago. Maryann moved home to live with her dad. She got married. Brought her husband to live with her and her dad. She cried for a baby. Had invitro several times and now has a beautiful little girl. She locked her dad up and ran for the hills.

Now, Uncle Al sits in the home waiting for me to arrive and take him out. I'll get him tomorrow.
So, why do I do it... why do I care? Because my mom and her brother lost their parents at a very young age, they didn't have anyone who gave 2 shits about them... I refuse to let them die in the same way. I want them to go out with dignity, knowing that they have a family that loves them very much. I want them to see that they made a huge difference in this world, that their lives have (had) purpose.

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  1. I know why you care Sue!!!! You have a H.U.M.U.N.G.O.U.S heart!!!!!