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04 April 2009

Oh no... is she ...?

Last night I made dinner for the moms like I always do. They both love eating in their rooms and watching their big TV's so I serve them dinner in their rooms.

Yesterday, I brought Rachel her dinner and she was slumped in her chair. It freaked me out. I did remain calm, sort of. Those of you who know me personally will know that this was a huge feat for me, to remain calm.

I called her name a few times, each time I got a little more anxious... rachel? Rachel? RACHEL??????? I looked to see if she was breathing and she was so I knew she wasn't dead. Thank God.

My heart was pounding. She gave me an incredible Adrenalin rush. I'm not keen on finding her dead... hell, I'm not keen on finding anyone dead!

She woke and said, "Wow! I'm tired. I never do that."

My entire childhood I always worried about my parents dying. My father used to wake up in the middle of the night trying to catch his breath. It scared me when I was little, so much so that I would wake up at night and check to see if they were both breathing. To this day, I do the same thing with both my mom and my mother in law, check to see if they're breathing. I suppose old habits die hard.

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