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13 April 2009

How I Got Ropped into a Senior Dance

New England is really beautiful in Spring. It was a bright sunny day and the buds are just beginning to form on the trees. The winter was long up here this year. The snow seemed to take forever to melt, but it did.

Thank God for the persistence of nature to change seasons. It's proof that all things can change, especially if we wait a minute.

My dad always used to say to me when I was upset as a kid, "Susie, wait a minute, things will change, nothing ever stays the same." Oh... if he only knew how much those words helped me get through tough times in my life.

I picked up Uncle Al at 9:15 am and off we went to my house. My mom was all dressed and ready to run out the door when we got home, she couldn't wait to get over to the Senior Center. It is an incredible place for Seniors. She went on Thursday last week and won 22 bucks playing Bingo. She loves the Senior Center, it is a way for her to win money... Yay Josie!

We went to the Senior Center with Uncle Al. At first he thought we were taking him into another nursing home. He planted his feet in the ground and turned into a 200 pound weight, he wasn't going a step further.

My mom coaxed him and promised him that it was "her Senior Center" and it is really nice. Uncle Al went in, still a bit hesitant.

Once inside, the receptionists who greeted us were awesome. They showed my mom how to wave her ID card and check in and they got an ID card for Uncle Al where they took his picture. One of the receptionists was our tour guide, she was really sweet and worked really well with Seniors.

We walked down a hall and then music began playing. It caught Uncle Al's attention, he went into the room. They were having a Senior Dance. The place was hopping at 1 in the afternoon with a bunch of blue hairs fighting over the few men in the room. Uncle Al stood at the back of the room with me and started to dance. He now LOVES the Senior Center too.

The tour guide told us that we could go to the dance. Uncle Al was all over that like white on rice. How could I say, "Ooops, sorry Uncle Al, there will be NO dancing for you?" So... I agreed to go to the dance with my mother and my Uncle. I figure while I'm at it I'll invite all my old folk relatives.

I invited my Mother in Law, she'll go if my Aunt Jay goes. I'll call my Aunt Rose and see if she wants to come too.

Of course I'll bring my video camera along. The Senior Dance post will surely be funny.

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