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01 April 2009

Rich Girl, Poor Girl

Once upon a time there were 2 little girls that loved each other like sisters. They were cousins.

One little girl was an only child who was given EVERYTHING that she wanted, but was not given love. The other little girl had a lot of brothers and sisters with very little money but she was given lots of love.

The little girl who got everything soon became spoiled rotten, temper tantrums and all. She grew up to be a mean spirited individual, caring only for herself.

The other little girl never asked for anything because she knew her parents didn't have the money. Instead, she used her imagination and made her toys... dolls made out of cloths pins and paper mache. She had a lot of fun.

The little girl who got anything that she wanted always wanted what the poor little girl had, happiness. She thought it could be bought, so she demanded to have everything that this little girl got. She never found happiness in the things that her parents bought for her.

As the years went on, the rich girl continued to search for happiness. The poor girl search for people to share her happiness with because she had more than she needed herself. The poor girl wanted to give the rich girl some of her happiness, because she remembered the pact that they made as children, to be sisters, to help each other through thick and thin. But, the rich girl was too suspicious.

Because the little rich girl grew up with out much love in her life, she became blind to love. Her heart closed and was not able to love, not even herself.

Time went on and the little rich girl had a baby. Her father paid for every invitro procedure because he wanted to give her the one thing that no one could give her, a baby. There were several tries, each costing thousands of dollars.

The poor girl, she grew up, went to college, got a great job, bought a house and then moved her aging mom in to live with her. She got married to an awesome man who loved her as much as she loved him. They enjoyed each others company and laughed a lot.

The rich girl, as soon as she had her baby, had her dad committed to a nursing home. She took over his assets while he sat in a nursing home, waiting for her to call or visit. She never did.

Rich girl kept her dad away from his family, especially the poor girl. She kept him isolated as he began to age.

Poor girl didn't care what rich girl thought, so she went to visit her Uncle. He loved her visits. He always asked for his daughter and asked her if his daughter still loved him. Poor girl couldn't answer his question, all she could do was reassure him that she did.

Rich girl got angry. Very angry when she found out that the poor girl was visiting her dad. She began to harrass her dad and gave him an ultimatum, me or her.

Poor girl and her Uncle talked about it and poor girl said, "Uncle, she is your daughter. it is not right for me to take her dad away from her. Let's part ways now and know that I love you."

Poor girl went away so that the rich girl could visit her father, after all, that was the deal.

Rich girl never visited. Uncle became depressed and suicidal.

Poor girl went to visit and brought sunshine to Uncle. He loved to sing and dance. Poor girl made Uncle laugh all the time.

Poor girl realized that she was not poor, but very rich, rich with peace, happiness and love in her heart.

Morale of the story:

Don't give your kids everything that they want. Let them learn NO. If you give them everything they will never learn how to use their own minds to create a beautiful reality for themselves. Instead, they will be left floundering wondering why the world sucks so badly for them while everyone else seems to be sailing along.


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