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21 April 2009

Love is the answer

Today I didn't know what to write a blog post about until just now when I was talking to Brian with American Idol on in the background.

We started to talk about Uncle Al, our most frequent topic of conversation in this house these days.
Uncle Al's deepest wish is for his daughter Maryann and me to reconcile. At this point in time, we need a fucking miracle to occur, but I'm still holding out hope for Uncle Al. He has been praying for this for a couple of years now.

Maryann hates my guts... well, right now she does.

Tonight, Brian and I tried to figure out why Maryann has demonized me so much. I began to look back in my childhood.

Uncle Al travelled all the time. He was flying to Japan or somewhere in Asia. He was bringing back computer parts and building computers long before it was savvy. He was definitely way ahead of his time, that's why I love to show him the latest technology and have him talk to my sister Ann in Maine. Uncle Al loves talking to Ann. He even gets to see her dogs and what the house she built looks like. One day I'd love to take him up there for the weekend to visit. He'd absolutely LOVE Ann's place in Maine.

I digress.

So... back to what Brian and talked about.

When Uncle Al travelled, especially during school vacation week, he'd have me come to the house and be Maryann's playmate. I did have fun playing with Maryann. I am 3 years older and didn't meet her until she was 3 years old. I remember hearing Uncle Al tell my dad that he was afraid we'd give Maryann germs and make her sick.

Those times I visited, I always hung out with Aunt Janet. I loved her so much. I didn't know she was drinking all day, I just thought she was very funny. We used to watch Julia Childs while she cooked. I owe my fine cooking skills to Aunt Janet. She was the best. My husband thanks you! I thank you... it's one of my passions now.

I've been trying to understand why my cousin hates me so much. I never did anything to her, except wish 10 fold on her what she gave to her parents. I'm sorry... she pissed me off, she caught me at a point where I wanted to slap her. Siblings do that to eachother. Unfortunately, she doesn't get what family means. There's still time for her to give her dad great joy... this would be great if she realized it. Oh I'm praying that she reads my blog.

I can't apologize for who I am or the accomplishments I've made in life. I am who I am. I love who I have become in this life. I'm sorry that Maryann doesn't chose to see who I am... it's a bummer. Why? Not for me, for Uncle Al.

Uncle Al's dream is for Maryann, him and me to be in a room, like the old days when we were laughing and having fun.

For Uncle Al, I'm going to hold this thought. I'm going to forgive and forget and believe that it can happen. I will do all that I can to help Uncle Al manifest his dream... wanna help? Send us good happy thoughts.... it's all about love, LOVE rules... it's the answer.

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