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17 April 2009

How to Make Cole Slaw

My dad loved creating with food. I think this is where I picked up my talent, from dear Dad.

Today's post is an excerpt from Dad's lost diary, he tells us how to make Cole Slaw that is flavored with a story about his good friend Angelo.

Wednesday, April 26, 1972

My Diary

Easter was approaching and I made all the cole slaw and grated the horse radish for the entire family.

Angelo asked me to make him some cole slaw. I grated the cabbage and carrots and one little onion for flavor. One table spoon of mayonnaise, a half a cup of vinegar and salad oil. I mixed it with a ladle and chilled it in the refrigerator.

Angelo said, "Instead of grating an onion, grate a hole bud of garlic." I said, "Angelo, your whole house will smell of garlic." He said, "I'm Italian and I LOVE garlic!" I said, "are you sure?" He said, "YES!" "OK" I said and I made the cole slaw with garlic.

Angelo's wife, Anna was so furious with Angelo that she was ready to throw him out of the house.

1 comment:

  1. Garlic in coleslaw... gawd my dad would think of the weirdest flavor combos. The stories I could tell about dad & his culinary experiments, especially after we moved to Salem!

    SOOOO, it was YOUR dad who got my dad addicted to horseradish & coleslaw! Yet another concoction my dad had been exiled to the basement for. One, dad was messy but didn't believe in cleaning up after himself (unless it was his precious basement that is; you know 'man territory') and two, dad never did anything small! He would grate enough of that stinky horseradish for the entire freak'n neighborhood!

    Man, I haven't thought of this stuff, uhmmmm ever!!! You sure do have a way of dig'n up memories I didn't know I had!