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27 April 2009

Fenugreek in the Garden

It's gardening season up here in New England, the trees have buds, leaves are sprouting and the song birds are extra noisy. It was a long and cold winter, the birds are clearly singing their praises to the Universe for the welcome change.

Even though I haven't posted anything about Fenugreek in awhile, I still love to read about it. This morning I did a google search on Fenugreek and the Lymphatic System. I wondered if the lymphatic system was the key to giving Fenugreek what appears to be magical properties.

In this article, it talked about using Fenugreek in culinary preparations. It mentioned growing Fenugreek and what the parts of the plant are good for.

The article states that the young leaves taste like peas and can be eaten in all sorts of recipes. I'm already beginning to think of ways that I can cook with Fenugreek.

Now, with my gardening tools in hand and a warm morning with a cool breeze, I'm ready to begin my next experiment with Fenugreek... grow it, prepare it and eat it!

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