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13 April 2009

A new member of the Elder Gang

Easter Sunday was not like it was 40 years ago. People are too busy to stop and look at the treasures they have in their own families.

Yesterday, I had the elder folks over for Easter Lunch. I picked Uncle Al up at 9 am. He was all dressed up, he looked great. From there, we drove to Chelsea to pick up my Aunt Jay.

Jay never had kids. She was my grandmothers caregiver. I suppose she taught me at a young age through her actions that we need to take care of our parents.

Maybe it was a combination of Jay's influence and visiting my mom's mother in the Mental Institution in Gardner, MA when I was about 9. The hospital in Gardner freaked me out.

Jay is super Catholic, so much so that she is known to make up her own new rules about the religion. What I find to be VERY funny is that Jay goes to church EVERY DAY of the year except on EASTER! She went to Easter Mass on Saturday afternoon. Is it because Easter is what she considers amateur night? For Jay, is going to church on Easter Sunday like a seasoned drinker going out drinking green beer on St. Patty's day?

The old folks had a great time. Uncle Al even sang and gave a message which I'll save for another post.

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