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09 April 2009

Me and my shadow

This morning I got up fairly early so I went and checked on my mom. She looked like she was sleeping... then I thought hmmm, is she breathing? For a few seconds I didn't see her breathing which sort of got my heart racing a little.

I quietly said, "Ma? Ma?"

No response.

She had the light on next to her bed so I shut it off and went back upstairs to make myself a cup of tea and write a post on my blog.

About an hour later I went back to see if she was awake and if she wanted a cup of tea. She was awake and then said, "You know, the strangest thing happened. The lady showed up and turned off my light. She didn't say anything. I laid here as still as I could and kept my eyes closed."

That's when I said, "Ma, I'm the lady. I shut off your light. I was checking to see if you were breathing - you were so I left you alone."

I then told her that if the vision has a shadow, the person is real. I proceeded to walk around the room in the dim light and showed her my shadow. My advice to her was, "Make sure you look for the shadow!"

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