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09 April 2009

Who needs pharmaceuticals?!

Fenugreek is an incredible plant. My mother is so much more healthier since she started to drink the tea and use the extract drops. I actually use the extract drops to lower the glycemic level in foods that I make with carbohydrates like oatmeal and oat flour.

I've learned that Fenugreek definitely controls diabetes. In fact, I am beginning to believe that it can cure Diabetes. I know this is a grand statement but I am watching first hand how this awesome herb can heal a debilitating disease like diabetes.

Fenugreek, unlike the pharmaceutical concoctions people take to "manage" diabetes, doesn't have side effects. That's right... NO ILL SIDE EFFECTS! The side effects of fenugreek are, thinner blood - cleaner arteries and weight loss to name 2 that I've experienced first hand. It also lowers the bad cholesterol... now how cool is this herb?!

I found this article Effect of fenugreek seeds on blood glucose and serum lipids in type I diabetes which gives more scientific data about Fenugreek and Diabetes.

My mom's blood sugar levels were in the 125 - 135 range every morning with out insulin or fenugreek. We were controlling her blood sugar through diet and exercise. It was really hard for both of us.

Once she started to take the herb Fenugreek in tea and extract forms, her blood sugar readings in the morning have dropped gradually. They went to a steady 120 for a week, and dropped to about 119... etc. Now, her sugar readings are a constant 114 with the help of Fenugreek.

What does it do? It seems to fix the pancreas so that it can produce its own insulin. It also keeps the carbs and sugars that we eat from spiking blood sugars.

Here's a good article that does a good job explaining Fenugreek, where it comes from and what benefits it possesses Fenugreek’s New Role Lies in Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Control


  1. interesting... i hadnt heard about Fenugreek before..

  2. It's AMAZING! I want to start selling it. I've got to dig up pictures of my mom, she looked like death a year ago. Today she's out at the Senior Center playing Bingo and making new friends.

  3. What's the best form of fenugreek to take? I'm hypoglycemic and I bet it would help me too.

  4. The best form that I found that is convenient and seems to work the best is the Fenugreek extract in the brown bottle shown somewhere in this blog. 2-3 drops in any liquid and you're all set.

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