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03 April 2009

He's there... I know he's there!

My poor mom, she still believes there's a man peeking at her through doors that are cracked open a bit.

Nope, no man Ma.

This morning my husband had a brilliant idea. He suggested that I ask her if the cat is sleeping next to her when she sees the man.

I did ask my mom the question and she said, "Yes." I replied, "Ma, do you think the cat is going to stay laying here asleep if there's a man peeking through the door? Savita is the scardiest cat in the world, she'd be long gone. So, as long as the cat is sleeping next to you on the bed, then there's no man.

Let's hope the cat begins to serve a useful purpose other than looking cute and setting you up for a good scratch from her right hook.


  1. What would happen if you said, "Yeah, that was the plumber. He fixed the sink. He's gone now."

  2. It would freak her out. She gets mad if I lie to her. I tried this approach and the outcome was not so good.

    I believe that we can strengthen the minds of people with dementia through hypnosis, diet and exercise.