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28 April 2009

License and Registration Please?

Today it is going to be a scorcher with temperatures in the 90's. Pretty darn hot for April in New England.

The nursing home where Uncle Al is living doesn't seem to have the air conditioning on yet and I was concerned that Uncle Al might get overheated if he stayed there today.

I called and picked him up at 8:30 this morning. He was excited to be going out today. The nurses appeared genuinely happy to see him going out too.

We got in Brian's car, I plugged in our home address in the navigation and off we went with the car leading the way which gives Uncle Al a sense of security.

Rt 128 was backed up so I took the 129 cut off in Wakefield. We were driving along, Uncle Al recognized where he was which made him feel good.

We were stopped at a light and a cop on a bicycle drove by us on the right and next thing I knew, “knock, knock, knock” on the window.

I looked up and there was the cop on the bike, PULLING US OVER! I was stopped at a light. I had NO idea what the hell I could have done wrong.

The cop said, “License and registration. You have an expired inspection sticker.”

I was like… ‘what? This is my husbands car, my air conditioning is broken in my truck, I did not want my uncle that I just picked up from the nursing home to be overheated.”

Uninterested in my story he said, “pull over there please” as he pointed to a parking lot.

Thank God I could find the registration in the glove box. I was a little nervous, but not a lot nervous.

I had to keep explaining to Uncle Al what was going on. I know the cop heard me. Uncle Al was telling me that I was handling it well.

It was pretty funny, as soon as I explained to him what was going on he'd ask me why we were in this parking spot again?

So… I started to laugh. I told him that we were getting a ticket, that I didn’t realize the car’s inspection sticker was expired. We both started to laugh. Again he asked me why we were parked… it went on for about 5 minutes, but seemed like an eternity.

The cop came back to the car window and handed me my license, registration and a WARNING. Oh, thank God!

I’ll see if I can take the car for an inspection today.

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