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07 April 2009

I'm so happy, I could do the jig

Even though it was raining like mad here yesterday, I went to get Uncle Al because I had promised him on Friday that I'd get him on Monday. He was waiting for me and all so happy when he saw me walk through the door.

Off we went.

Uncle Al, beaming from ear to ear with a big smile. We got outside and I said, "Gee Uncle Al, you are walking very sure footed. You are doing great!" That's when he said, "I'm so happy, I could do the jig. Let me show you how strong I am." All of a sudden, he jumped up into the air and tried to click his heals together. Nearly falling to his knees, he busted out laughing. Once I knew he was OK, I started to laugh too.

It surely set the tone for the day, having Uncle Al trying to "do the jig."

The drive to my house he was very chatty. Reading every road sign and telling me that I'm going in the right direction and that the nav in the car was correct in its instructions.

Once we arrived home, he went and hung out with my mom. I brought them tea and a low glycemic oatmeal cookie. He rolled his eyes in delight... mmmmm'ing through each bite.

During one of my trips downstairs to check on Uncle Al and my mom I saw my mom and Uncle Al standing over her sewing box, Uncle Al holding the tape measure trying to read it because my mom had just told him that he had a 36" leg, even in his slightly demented state, he knew that was crazy! My mom kept insisting that she was right because, "she measured." Uncle Al is only 5 foot tall, so having a 36" leg on a pair of pants would make him have a freaky and short torso.

I then took the tape measure and did the dreaded inseam measurement. My mom stood by chuckling, she thought it was one of the funniest things she ever saw, outside of my giving Uncle Al a shower. His inseam is 24", now that's more like it!

Once I measured the 24" inseam I measured the outside length from his waist to the floor and it was 36", so that's where she got the screwy measurement.

A couple of hours went by and my mom finishes her job of hand sewing the hem on Uncle Al's pants. Well, I should have taken a picture, one leg was way shorter than the other. Uncle Al didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings so he let her try to dress him up. They had lots of laughs.

When I tucked Uncle Al in at the home last night, I said, "go to sleep and dream happy thoughts and think about Josie hemming your pants." He laughed a good hearty laugh and then said, "I dream of living with all of you people one day. I love you so much." He took my hand and kissed it.

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