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06 April 2009

Ma's Instruction Manual

Over the weekend I caught a break from caregiving when my sister took mom to her house for the weekend. Unfortunately, my husband is sick, his timing sort of sucked, but those are the breaks.

Mom loves visiting her kids, especially now that she's got control of her mind. The only trouble is her blood sugar doesn't remain constant in the teens when she goes visiting.

This morning her sugar was 163! Ma, what did you eat?

So, today she's back on her healthful eating plan and exercising on the treadmill.

Here's mom's instruction manual.


Check blood sugar (this tells you how many drops go into the oatmeal - 2 drops is usually good if she wakes up with sugar readings in the 120's or teens.

Each drop lowers her sugar about 15 points.

Make sure she has breakfast by 8am. It should be oatmeal with 1/4 cup of blueberries, a little milk and 2 drops of fennugreek.

Check blood sugar at 10 and if it's in the low 100's, give her a piece of fruit with a cup of ginger tea.

Lunch at noon. The meal should be dark leafy greens to help keep the blood alkaline. Acidic blood is not good for your health, it is what causes dis-ease in the body.

Afternoon snack at 2. Do the same thing as you do at 10am, check sugar readings and give a snack. could be one of the low glycemic oatmeal cookies that I make for her. (recipe will follow in the printed manual.)

Dinner by 6pm. fish, chicken, turkey - we rarely eat beef or pork... this should be served up with lots of vegetables.

Instead of bread, use Joseph's Lavash bread, it's only got 7g of Carbs and it doesn't raise Ma's sugar levels. These wraps make awesome sandwiches. I'll make one for you and you'll never go back to sub rolls or bread again!

The best rule to follow with Ma's diet for even BG readings is no bread, no pasta and no preservatives (nothing in a box that has more than 5 ingredients.)

Ma's meds...

Morning - 6 pills

1 Krill Oil
1 Apple Polyphenol
1 81 mg aspirin
1 Vitamin D
1 CoQ10
1 20 mg Lisinopril (HB pill)

Before bed - 2 pills

1 Norvasc 10 mg (HB pill)
1 Melatonin 30 mg

During the day if her sugar levels are up, give her a cup of Fenugreek tea or put 2 drops of fenugreek into a different flavored tea that she likes, usually she asks for ginger tea.


Since Ma was diagnosed with sleep apnea and has a problem using the mask, we found the Sona Pillow at Brookstone's. We bought one for Ma (me too) and now neither of us has apnea episodes at night. I'll show you how to use the pillow or you can read how to use it in this review that I found that tells you how to use the Sona Pillow.

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