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11 April 2009

We did it!

One year ago today, Brian and I had our shot gun wedding of the 21st Century kind... I was laid off from my job and needed health insurance. I know this sounds a bit crass, but we had planned on getting married on July 19th, the 5th year anniversary of our first date. April, July... no real difference so Brian arranged the whole thing. Me? I was too much of a mess from losing my job. I was totally freaked out with how I was going to keep paying the mortgage.

We knew we needed to sell my house and fast! My mom and the cat moved in with Brian, me and his mom on April 30th. The day I had all the TV shut off is the day I had my mom move. It was late in the afternoon. I had her new bedroom all swanky and looking like a 5 star hotel.

I walked into my old house and said, "Ok Ma, it's moving day. Pack up the stuff you really need and let's go to your new house. " She was stunned but packed her little bag while I looked for the cat carry case. No way was Savita the Cat going to ride in the car without a case.

Couldn't find the case so we went to Wal-Mart and bought one. All they had was a gargantuan carrier for a dog. It was marked down so we thought we had a bargain. Now I know the cat hated the ride from our old house to the new place, cats like to be enclosed, it makes them feel safe. Sorry cat.

My mom loved her new room. Then, she began to hate it. She locked herself up in her room and became depressed. What a challenge overcoming an elderly mom who is on pharmaceuticals and depressed. But, we did it - different post for another time.

My mother in law hated me at first. She would try to pick fights with me. It was the silent battle to be woman of the house. Who knew? My entire life I had control of my own life, owned a house and was my moms caregiver during her sickest part of her life. Now, I had a new husband AND a mother-in-law... how did I survive?

I spent days at my house, cleaning it and prepping it for sale. I even went and became an accredited ASP Home Stager so that I could stage my house and sell it for top dollar in a sagging Real Estate Market. You can see the video that I made to promote my house through my Realtors website.

The house sold fast and for more than the first Realtor that I spoke to told me. Yay. What a relief to have the house gone. I did learn that I absolutely LOVE staging homes for sale so I'm starting my own business. It's been slow starting with all the elder care but I do believe I've got my mom to a point where she's self sufficient and I'll have more time to move toward my goals.

The holidays came and we had parties with family. The fun was starting for us. Maybe this year we can have a honeymoon or get to play more golf. Golfing is an awesome activity, to me it's meditation in motion. Golfing season is here and we already played 9 in mid-March! We're off to a good start.

Today, is our one year anniversary. Every time I watch my wedding video, I cry happy tears. I LOVED my wedding. Brian planned it in 5 days. My sister came through with flowers on the morning of the wedding. It was awesome. My nephew did the camera work, too bad I forgot to take the camera off night vision. It did give a good effect. If you want to see our first wedding, you can watch it here.

I must say, in this whole year, things have changed A LOT.

My mom is now sleeping through the night and healthier than she's been in decades. My mother in law now loves me. I never took her bait when she was being mean to me. I just gave her more love and was even nicer to her. The meaner she was toward me the nicer I was toward her. One day she said to me, "Why are you being so nice to me?" I said, "Why not?" Then I gave her a hug and told her that I love her. That was the turning point.

Ok, I'm also a wicked good cook and I make meals that are not only tasty but beautiful. Every time I gave her her dinner, it smiled at her.

I'm still unemployed. It's the dawning of gardening season. I'm an accredited ASP Home Stager. I am in love with my husband and have an awesome family. Life is good. Even in the crappiest of economies, we can be happy. All we have to do is change our mind. Think differently about whatever it is that makes you sad. It's like that old cliche, turning a frown inside out.

Make yourself change your mind today and think about all the really great stuff going on in your life, even if it is very small, if you focus on good, more good will come to you.

Peace out. Happy Anniversary to Brian and me... YAY! We made it through the first year.

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