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19 March 2010

Today... I Hope It Lasts Forever

Today, my mom is even better than she has been over the last week.  She even has a doctor's appointment today and she slept through the night!  This only happens when she visits her favorite doctor, our Naturopath Doctor.

Today, my mom is different, different in a very good way.  She is clearer than I've seen her since the days when we lived together in the house that I bought for us.  My mom appears to be normal, I mean, VERY NORMAL.  She's had clear days but nothing like the day she is having today.

Could it be?  Could we have found the right supplement, diet and exercise routines mixed with meditation to get ahead of the amoloyid beta plaques forming? 

Could this just be a wicked good day? 

Do LBD patients go from not being able to speak to being clearer than I can remember?

This morning I set my mom's hair and while she had breakfast she told me that she used to wake up feeling dizzy, but not anymore.  She is feeling great today.  She told me how she woke up at 7am and did her little walk around the house.  She told me that she feels human and alive.  She knows what's going on, she knows who we all are.  More importantly, she knows that this is where she lives.

Today, even if it's just an anomoly, I'm excited to have my mom back.  I can't help fantasizing that this is my mom's new mental state of being. 

Today... it's pretty darn amazing.  I hope this day lasts for ever.


  1. Of course your mother is better - the picture with Brian's mother is still in her thoughts...she's happy about that moment!
    And I'm happy for you when your mother has these clearer days.
    Okay now, jump, jump - enjoy! :)

    Happy Friday!


  2. Thank you! It is a happy Friday. The weather is fabulous and the threat of snow is moving farther and farther away with each passing day.... Yay!

  3. Isn't it wonderful to know that "your" mom is still in there. I hope she stays "with you" for a long while!!

  4. I'm running behind on reading blogs. Your mom looks so cute in her hair rollers :)
    I am so happy she has some good days lately. Enjoy all of them.

  5. Thanks for reading my blog posts, Kathy... my mom she does have her cute days. We've had many good days in a row. I'm noticing more and more that food is the best medicine for my mom, healthy foods. Dairy and gluten appeared to give her lots of trouble - now, since she's off gluten and dairy, she is kicking me out of the kitchen... my mom has returned. It's awesome - a dream come true and one that I'm enjoying while I can.