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11 November 2009

A Sue-prize!!!

Yesterday was a great day all around. 

My mom had a great night sleep and her day was one that was filled with laughter and clarity.  It was awesome to have a pretty normal day with my mom.

We went to Whole Foods to pick up a few grocery items, one of my former colleagues and good friends was in town on business and she was coming over for a visit.

Jo is my friend who bought me a cookbook for my birthday this year that has helped me to make fabulous meals for my family, meals that even my mom enjoys. 

Lewy Bodies seems to screw with taste buds, never knowing when my mom's dish will be returned to the kitchen with the food moved around like she ate it.  You know, that old trick we played when we were kids?  She hasn't started to stuff food in an empty milk carton, not yet anyway.  Do you think I should make her eat it like the nuns used to do to kids who stuffed their lunch into their empty milk carton?


It was great to see Jo, we had a fab time.  I think we drank 4 bottles of wine between the 2 of us!  I haven't officially made the bottle count of empties.  It was good wine.  I woke up feeling fine.  No hang over.  Yay!

I've been wishing and visualizing a break.  I've been being specific with what I want as an end result, not thinking about the HOW just believing.  My visualization was to have someone cook dinner for me.  Well, last night, Jo gave me a big SUE-PRIZE... she cooked for me!  It was an out of the blue visit.  I let the Universe do it's thing and viola, dinner was cooked for me!

It was so much fun.  Cooking and drinking wine.  Chatting.  Getting caught up.  Laughing and laughing. 

Last night was a blast.  Jo crashed on the sofa and left early so that she could get ready for her day of meetings. 

Thanks Jo.  Thank you for just being YOU.  I feel like I had a wee vacation.

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