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12 November 2009

The Door Has Now Closed!

Since I began my blog, which my husband recommended that I do to help me through the care giving nightmares, he has not read my blog. 

Not one post!

My husband, he's an incredible writer.  I LOVE how he writes.  He has a vocabulary like NO ONE that I've ever met, ever.  He's wicked smart as we say up here in Boston. 

He's one of those people with a huge skull that holds lots of brain matter.  I love my genius.  Shit, he was smart enough to marry me, Susie Sunshine!  But, how smart could he be?  He would NOT read my blog.

I asked him once.  I said, "Sweetie, will you read my blog?"  He said, "No, when you write 100 posts, I'll read it."

He must not have thought I would stick with it.  (Note to Sweetie, because I know that now that you are forbidden to read it and you are reading it, am I right?")

Anyway, I have been writing my entire life.  I have my friend and pen pal from Hawaii to thank for my learning how to express myself in words.  I love to write.  LOVE IT.  If I could make money writing for a living, I would.  I will be a paid writer one day. It's my dream and dreams are meant to be created!

So, here I am well over 200 posts and I ask again... "Sweetie, I have 200 + posts now, will you read it?"

He didn't want to read it!  My private thoughts that I was making public, he didn't want to read?  I love this man o'mine.  He felt like he was reading my diary.  Geez.  I let the entire world read my blog and you think it's private?

Ok... don't get mad.  Remember that I love you AND IF YOU ARE READING THIS, you shouldn't be because I banned you from reading it.  You said yourself, "What?  The door has closed?"

Yup... unless of course I finally got my way and you are a reader of my blog.  

So?  How is it?  Have I captured the insanity and the fun?

My husband, I love his guts!


  1. You can't close the door. I get the same thing from my sweetie. You ARE my East Coast twin. I actually have 2 book titles that came to me in a dream, so I agree it's meant to be created. I did that with Jonathan, and everytime he has to show off. With piano, roller blading and writing.

    Your blog reminds me that I'm not alone, and haven't lost my own mind in the world of LBD.

    Hope he FINALLY broke down...sounds like he's way over due.

  2. Yes, I feel the same about you when I read your blog posts.

    We are definitely not alone with the battle of LBD.

    What shocks me is that not many doctors know aobut Lewy Bodies dementia. It's up to us, the care givers, to make sure that word gets out so that we can save lots of people from suffering with the wrong treatments.

  3. Oh... no, he didn't break down. I thought if I told him, "Don't you read it!" he would read it.


    I told him that the door is still open. :-)