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10 May 2010


This weekend was tough.  I knew that I wasn't getting a break from Care Giving; I expected a bad time and sure enough, I got a bad time.

My mom seems to have had her brain "twanged."  She has been hallucinating a lot.  Mostly seeing my dad and my brother.  On Saturday, she believed that she saw my dead brother buried up to his neck in dirt.  He was smiling at her.  She thought she was seeing him "go to Heaven" again.  She cried.

Yesterday, she believed she was with my dad.  She was talking out loud to him and would get mad if I "interrupted."  My mom got mean, she made me cry.  Boy, did I cry.

Thank God for Sara Silverman.  I'm reading her book "The Bedwetter:  Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee" on my Kindle, she was making me laugh when my mom was in her bitchiest state of mind yesterday.  Thank God.  I wish I could thank Sara Silverman.  She's a good writer and can certainly tell a good story.  I will be sad when I've read the last page... Sara, please write another book.  You are funny.

Today we are going to the doctors' to give a blood and urine sample, I think my mom has a Urinary Tract Infection or something else going on with her Kidneys.  It all started to go downhill when her Lisinopril dosage was upped from 10 mg to 20 mg.  I know that Lisinopril can injure the kidneys.  I also heard that folks with my mom's condition are prone to UTI's, infections that can cause mood swings and hallucinations.

It will be awesome to calm her craziness, her obsession with getting on the bus to Heaven, her pacing and her paranoia.

I do see glimmers of hope when she takes the Carnitine and R-Lipoic Acid.  She is finding her words.  She is hallucinating too, only now she can tell me what she's seeing... all day long.

My mom had her brain strings twanged, I think it's the UTI that caused the twang.

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