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24 May 2010

I Won!

If I've said it once, I'll say it as many times as it happens... what a difference a day makes.  I feel like I've won the fight this time with Lewy.  Here's hoping that we can win the battle too!

My mom's blood pressure has been high.  No matter what we give her, her blood pressure remained high.  I thought to myself, I bet something is bothering her.

Last night I asked her, "Gee, shouldn't we be replying to dad's note?"

"Shit on that!" She exclaimed.

"What?!  Why?  What could dad have done to make you so angry?"  I said sympathetically for my dad.

"Oh, he writes all this bullshit, "I love you."  Blah blah blah."  She said with a sad face, one of a scorned woman.

She continued, "He is remarried.  I saw the wedding the woman is so beautiful.  She was dressed all in white."

"Oh Ma, you can only get married on Earth, it's why souls want to be born on Earth, so that they can experience love and marriage like you did with Dad."  I said to her factually.

I continued my explanation, hoping to relax her mind.  "We are all sparks of God and we all go through lifetimes so that we can eventually make it back to the big ball of God where love is all there is.  What you saw is one of the beautiful souls making it back to God, you saw her get her wings so that she can fly back to God!  How lucky are you to get to see that?"

My mom looked at me and smiled as she said, "Well, alright, if that's true then we'll give it another shot."  She drifted off to sleep for the night.

This morning my mom woke up with low blood pressure, near normal.  Her cognition was good.  Better than it had been over the last few weeks.

Witnessing again, high blood pressure makes my mom nuttier than usual.  I figured that when my mom gets mad at my dad, or any hallucination, she lets it stew; she has always stewed on things, never confronting the trouble head on.  Now, hallucinations make her angry, her blood pressure goes up and then all bets are off for any peace.

I began reviewing in my mind what I had given to my mom for food.  I did try giving her a little wheat flour in a pita bread.  It had low carbs with only 8mg for one pita.  Like last year when I discovered the connection between her hallucinations, gluten products and her blood sugar (high readings), she was showing similar behaviors.  Could the gluten in the pita have caused her blood sugar to go up so that she hallucinated about my dad, got upset, her blood pressure rose and she stewed... keeping her blood pressure high.

Hmmmmm.... I'll have to keep my attention on food and it's affects with her behaviors and attitudes.

Yesterday I made Golumpkies; cabbage is known to be good for the brain.  Today, she is way better.  I gave her lots of coconut ice cream yesterday too.

Today is a much better day.  I will call the Alzheimer's Association and see what we can do to give both of us breaks from each other.  I hope I can find a male care giver to give me respite breaks.  My mom loves men.  She's still a flirt even in her 80's.

On Saturday, during the height of my upset, I walked around the yard and gazed on a patch of clover growing in the lawn.  I was praying for a sign that better days are ahead.  Personally I felt so bad that I didn't think life could feel any worse.  I prayed to Mother Mary, my favorite Catholic saint.  I prayed for strength and the courage to get through whatever I have to get through with my mom.  I looked down and to my amazement a 4 leaf clover popped out at me.  I bent down and picked it. I put it in water.  It's still alive in the glass of water on the window sill.  Just like my spirit is still alive, the clover was a symbol to me that better days were ahead.  Mother Mary, she answered my prayer, she gave me my sign.  I love Mary.

Last night, happy with the feeling of peace, I looked down on my nightstand and saw a lottery ticket that I had played a few weeks ago.  I picked it up and said, "Gee wouldn't it be cool if this is a winner?"   My husband picked up his computer and went to the state lottery website.  Long story short, I think I won!

I played my mom's number for 2 days.  I did what one would say "boxed" it and payed a good penny for this chance to win a few extra dollars.  Well, I won!

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