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25 May 2010

No More Sandwiches

My mom loves sandwiches.  I stopped giving her (and me) wheat gluten several months ago when I saw a link between her gluten consumption and her dementia behaviors.  Hallucinations are always prevalent whenever she has gluten, even Spelt Wheat causes her to hallucinate.

I had hoped that Spelt Wheat would work for her because it's not the typical wheat that has been over modified over the years so that it produces more wheat grains.  I read that some folks with gluten intolerance can handle spelt.

Not my mom.

Yesterday, I made her a sandwich for lunch using Spelt bread.  It was about 30 minutes after lunch that she began talking to the flower pot on the railing of the deck.  She walked right up to it, talking and having quite a conversation with the clay pot.  A pot that she believed was a man, a strange man that she said was very handsome.

My mom stood on the porch and flirted with the clay strawberry pot, talking and laughing.  My mom was having so much fun; she believed that the man in the pot was her boyfriend.

"Ma!  What are you doing?  You are two timing dad!"  I said to her when she told me about her new boyfriend, the man in the pot.  He smiles at her and winks.  He doesn't talk.

Last night I was making dinner, she was out on the deck talking to the flower pot; she rushed in like a kid.  "Can he stay for dinner?  Can I invite him in?"  She asked.

"Ma, he can't eat people food.  You can invite him in, but he won't be able to eat."  I explained to her.

She went to the slider and began waving the hallucination to come.  He wouldn't.  He stayed on the railing in the clay pot.  My mom got mad at me.  I checked her blood pressure and it was rising.  Damn!

I gave her a salad for dinner with baked salmon.  She came back off her lunatic ride, one that I believe was triggered by the gluten in the Spelt Wheat.

Sandwiches make my mom nuts.  She loves bread but the carbohydrates cause her sugar to spike, making her hallucinate, making her blood pressure rise and insanity taking center stage.

No more sandwiches!


  1. Yes, my mom is diabetic. She used 62 units of 2 types of insulin for years.

    Once we moved and I ended up with control of her diet, her A1C is 5.1. She is not on any pharmaceuticals to treat diabetes.

    I've written several posts last year where I talk about how I helped my mom beat diabetes with Fenugreek and real food.

    Today, she's doing super. Rarely does her blood sugar go up high, mostly because I stick to a gluten free diet with all natural foods. Nothing processed, all home made.

    Thanks for the comment Karen.