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27 May 2010

Pool Days

Global warming has allowed us to open our pool a month earlier than we have opened it in the past.  May 26, Tuesday was a high 80 Degree day, perfect for the pool.  The water has been warming up with the use of the solar disks that gather the sun and heat the water.  The water reached 75 yesterday... perfect for the pool.

My mom, she bought 2 new bathing suits in the morning.  She wouldn't listen to me at all about which suit would be good for her.  She bought 2 that I knew were going to be too small.  Whatever.  I bought the suit that I believed would be good for her... just in case.

The last time my mom used a pool was 3 years ago, when we had a pool at the house that I owned before I got married.  She wore a size 24W... a big swimsuit.

Yesterday, she tried on the new suits and they didn't fit.  She came out with her 24W bathing suit on.  I should have taken a picture, it was funny.   Swimsuit hanging below her knees and the booby part hanging so low that it barely covered her tiny boobs.  She had a tee shirt over the swimsuit to cover her top.  My mom looked like a 5 year old refugee.

I got out of the pool and got the bathing suit that I thought would work well for her.  Style and all.  It was dark blue, her favorite color and a two piece with a skirt.  I brought it to her.  Apprehensively she took it to try it on.  It fit.  It looked very cute.  She liked how she looked and even complained about her body being too small up top.

Changing suits was confusing.  She wanted a bathing suit on and didn't care which one she was wearing.  Finally, we had success, she had her bathing suit on and off she went down the hall to the pool outside.

She left her socks on.  I decided to just let her wear the socks, it was too much trouble explaining why she shouldn't have them on in the first place.  Like my husband commented, "at least she can clean the bottom of the pool just walking around."

My mom was happy in the pool.  I got her a float to hang on to as she moved her legs and jumped up and down gently to prance through the water.  She laughed and giggled like a kid.  She did not hallucinate.

PEACE!  I had peace!!!  

I checked her blood pressure after her fun in the pool and it was much lower than it had been in past weeks.  Exercising in the pool is helping her a lot.  She's looking forward to more hot pool days.  Me too!

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  1. Great your mom is happy in the pool - and you had peace...
    Have a great weekend!