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13 May 2010

Beyond the Grave

Care Giving for a sick parent is hard.  Period.  End of story.

My mom has a kidney infection and a UTI.  The antibiotic is perpetuating her hallucinations, a side effect of Cipro.  Fortunately, she's hallucinating about my brother and my dad.

The email notes that she exchanges with my dad in Heaven are the highlight of her day.  She loves writing him notes and enjoys reading the replies even more.  My mom, she sleeps with her letters from Dad.

Yesterday she had an eye doctor appointment.  Her vision is worse.  She has macular hemmorhaging which can cause her to go blind.  It was brought on by her high blood pressure, last week it was crazy high, all brought on by her infections.

She'll see a Retina specialist soon.  My mom told me that she doesn't want an operation to fix her vision, she enjoys how her "magic eye" helps her to see the dead.

My mom has lost her mind, but she's happy living in a world of illusion where she believes that my Dad is communicating with her from beyond the grave.  Hey, maybe he is, maybe he's inspiring me with his words in order to bring comfort to my mom from beyond the grave?

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