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14 May 2010

Shakti and the Mole

I decide to lay on the futon and close my eyes. I was tired. The cats were out, my mom was occupied with something and I could rest. Yay!

Just as I was drifting off to sleep, Shakti comes in and jumps on me with her wet feet. I feel something wiggling on my side.


I freak. I look for a jar to capture it.

It got away!

It made its way into the heater baseboards… fuck! The thing was squealing, Shakti was so proud. She was playing cat and mouse. She was having a grand time; I was not.  She was looking at me as to say, "Hey, I brought you lunch!"

By this time, the mothers were watching me rip off the baseboard covers to get to the mouse.

It escaped.

It made a noise.

I screamed.

MIL got a flash light and was looking under the futon, she wanted to see the mole. The light scared the mole and it came out from the baseboard heater.

Shakti was psyched... until I got the glass jar and captured it.

I couldn’t kill it so I took it out behind the fence, flung the jar and it landed in the stream. The cats can try to catch it another day.  For now, the mole escaped and has quite a tale to tell its little mole friends.

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  1. A mole or a mouse?? Not that it would matter, either one would freak me out totally!! [...shudder, shudder...]