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03 May 2010

I'm An Angel

"Good Morning... I feel really happy.  Today will be a great day!"  My mom proclaimed as she walked into the sunroom this morning.

It was now after 8 AM and my mom was just waking up from her restful night.  I was up at 5:03AM, thanks to Sammy Mammy and Shakti Lakti.  Both cats were hungry... both cats took turns to get me out of bed. 

I woke up.

I fed the cats and they took a little nap.  They're beginning to realize that I won't let them out until 9am when the neighborhood wakes up and the fox in the woods goes to sleep.

7:30 AM

I began to get nervous, thinking that my mom had passed in her sleep, while I was sitting in the sunroom, enjoying the peace as I drank a cup of coffee.  I nearly jumped up to check but realized that if she had died in her sleep, no sense killing the joy the silent morning was providing to me.  I also knew that once I walked into her room, the floor would squeek and she'd wake up.  I wanted to be ready for my mom being awake, it begins a busy day once she's awake.

I did check on her about 8 this morning.  She was breathing, I saw her blankets moving up and down in a calm rhythm of her breath.  The floor squeeked.  The kittens chased me down into her room and Savita hissed... all noises that stirred my mom.  Within 5 minutes, my mom was walking down the hall when she proclaimed that today would be a great day.

She kept telling me that she had so much to tell me, so many stories to share with me.  When I was setting her hair this morning she talked to me like she always talked to her hairdresser; telling stories to her old friend.

My mom told me how she saw the nuns at the party... a big party in Maine.  She wants me to come to the party, her party.  I keep telling her that I can't go ... however, I asked her if she'd be the first one that I see at MY party after I've had a chance to live my life with my new husband.

My mom believed that she saw my dad in Maine.  She hasn't told me about dancing with him or telling my sister that she wanted to 'kick the shit out of..." the woman that she thinks is with my dad in Heaven.  It's so not like my mom to say words like that let alone think the thought.  I don't know if my mom remembers the anger that she had on Saturday night.  The night that freaked out my sister, the night my sister realized what I've been experiencing and why mom is not in a nursing home.  Donna gets it.  She understands the importance of what we are doing for our mom. 

I'm excited because I now have one of my siblings to share the burden as well as the happy times.  Mom makes us laugh.  Just the other day my mom said to Donna after her neighbor had left, "Does she know who I am?"  My sister said, "Of course, Beverly knows that you are my mom." 

My mom replied, "No, no, does she know that I'm an angel?" 

Earlier during the day my sister told my mom that she is an angel.  My mom, she is an angel... well, as long as her blood pressure and blood sugar are normal, she's an angel.

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