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08 May 2010

It's Working

It's been a wild ride this week.  My mom's hallucinations were intense, especially when she got mad at my dad because she thought he was with 2 "Evil Bitches."

I have candid video of my mom telling me all about the bitches.   We just pulled into the driveway and she began to talk.  I shut off the truck engine and turned on my video camera.  It's in this video that I came up with the idea of putting them in the stones and burying them.  My mom loved the idea.

We had the ceremony, the Bitches... well, they're gone.... Yay!

My mom, she's in love with my dad again.  She loves reading his letters to her, letters that I write based on things she says to me.  It is a form of manipulation but it works to keep her happy and calm.  She's easier to care for when she's in good spirits.

I had to come up with a way to divert her attention.  The ceremonies that we had, worked because I had her involved.  I had her do just about everything.  The power of the mind is amazing.  I helped my mom face her fear, we captured it and got rid of it.

The phrases that I had her say were for her subconscious mind to hear, it experienced the body motions which was the action needed to make it stick.  My mom, she did chase her own hallucinations away, even though she believes that I did it.  All I did was guide her and help her to believe.

It's Working!

My mom buried her hallucinations that were scaring her, she believes that they are safe in Hell.

My mom appears to be doing well today.  She is hallucinating, mostly about nuns and my dead brother Ed.  She thinks the hallucinations are singing to her, but it's really her mp3 player.

She's happy.

She understands that she can't speak to my dad because we are different forms of energy.  Thank God, she keeps stalking some guy at Whole Foods that she believes is my dad.  She wants to go there every day to "look" at him.

The email connection, the "Love Letter's From Heaven" are giving her peace.  She's reliving her life with my dad, the happy times... it's really great.  I don't know how long it will last but we're enjoying every minute.

Although everyone thinks I'm totally insane, I do have hope that we find a solution to help my mom find her words.  She's able to think, but she can't spit the right word out.  This frustrates her and she gets upset.  Her blood pressure rises and then she begins to hallucinate.  Quite a cycle.

Today however, she's in good spirits.  She is finding her words.  It's totally crazy how fast things change.

My mom wants to write my dad an email in the morning.  We'll do it together over coffee in the morning.  She wants to make sure that he sees their Great Grandson, she talks about him all the time and how much she wants my dad to see him.  We'll attach a picture of GG to the email.  My mom loves picking out the pictures that she wants my dad to have.

I told my mom that because the pictures are digitized, my dad can transform the format into one where he could print the pictures on Angel Paper.  Now, she wants to send him pictures all the time.  It's like she's trying to catch him up on the last 33 years that he's been dead.

My mom is afraid to die.  She wants to be with my dad.  It's a quandry that I believe I've solved.  It's only been a few days but things have settled down.  My days are no longer hell, which is a huge blessing.

It's working! 

All I did was listen to her and figure out how I could make up some crazy story that she would believe.  The crazier the better.  It was fun to see her fright go away when we buried the stones with the garlic.

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