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11 May 2010

Notes from Heaven

The Love Letters From Heaven, the love notes that my mom is writing to my dad and I am sending a reply, are helping my mom to have happier days.

I've had success using the email notes from my dad to get my mom to do things like eat more dark leafy vegetables.  

Yesterday when we went shopping for vegetables I asked her what she wanted and she said, "I think you better get me more lettuce."

My mom is paranoid.  She hides stuff on herself all the time.  I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day looking for her "stolen" items.  As anyone who cares for someone with Lewy Bodies Dementia, you don't argue, even if you are right.

I had to come up with a solution so that I can save aggravation and time.  I had my dad tell my mom that she should consider giving up her purse.

Well, she did give up carrying a purse.  But she hasn't given me all her stuff to keep safe for her until she needs it. I believe this will stop the "my stuff has been stolen!" fright that my mom has a lot.  She's always been paranoid where her purse is concerned, no wonder she's such a basket case now that she can't remember where she "tucked" it.

I'm using my dad's light energy effigy to convince my mom that her visitors are a different form of energy and can't move or touch stuff on Earth.  This appears to be working.

I've told her that we can't interfere with stuff associated with Heaven and my dad (all folks that have died) can't do anything to interfere with us on Earth.  She seems to understand.  I explained to her that these entities are just messing with her and to ignore them and not give them her power.

My dad was a believer in thoughts being real; he taught me that when we think about someone, we are giving them our power.  Reminding my mom of my dad's wisdom, she shook her head in agreement.  The scary visitors seem to have vanished.

My days are spent helping my mom understand how Heaven and Earth works.  I am teaching her all the stuff that I learned throughout all the years that I've studied Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism and Judaism.

My dad, he taught me a lot too.  He believed that energy can never be destroyed, he taught me that we never die, that we just transform into a different energy.  This belief has given me comfort, knowing that when our Earth Suits are worn out, our energy lives on, we never die!

My mom, she's afraid to die.  

She told me this morning that she is scared of the unknown associated with death and dying.  I assured her that we don't really die, that our worn out bodies stop working and our souls go back to the land of love and peace.

Explaining my dad's theory about life and death, my mom seemed to relax.  I told her that death is part of life and when the time comes, she's not going to give a shit because she will feel amazing.  My mom smiled and went on to tell me what my dad had written to her in his note from Heaven.

She is finding her words today.  I love it when she can find her words.  It's easier to care for her when she can tell me exactly what she wants.  Playing "guess what I'm thinking" gets really tiring.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "you know that thing."

We'll hopefully hear the results of her tests today.  If we can stop her hallucinations, boy will life get 100 times easier around here!


  1. it is so cool of you to be doing this for her..

  2. Thank you Slyde, it's actually fun. Every day is like Christmas because of the exciting anticipation for a note from Heaven.