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31 July 2010

Happy Saturday

Life is peaceful today.  My mom woke up in a good mood, sleeping through the night always brings a happy morning.  Today she sang, "Good Morning!"

I noticed that when I include cumin, coriander and fresh ground black pepper in any dish that I prepare for dinner, she seems to wake up less confused.  She still hallucinates, but the visitors are not upsetting, they are her friends.  I can handle happy hallucinations, they're much easier to explain away.

Today we'll go to the farm stand and get a box of B rated tomatoes so that I can put them up for use later in the year when tomato season has long been over.  One of my greatest joys is when the snow is flying and I'm able to open a jar of tomatoes that I had preserved during the peak of the season; the taste of summer in winter is awesome.

It's shopping day.  My mom is waiting, she's ready to get the show on the road.

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