I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

22 July 2010


"You know, I was in jail.  The judge told me that I was awarded $864 and if I go and pick up the money, they'll arrest me and throw me in jail again."  My mom began answering the simple question that my husband had asked my mom.

My mom believes that she went to jail after watching an episode of Judge Mathis.

Last week, when she was having wild hallucinations after sitting in the backyard for hours in the heat, she believed that she was part of the TV court drama.  She believed that the judge awarded her money... she believed that he threw her in jail.

On the drive up to Maine, she told us about jail.  "That was the worst experience, being in jail."  I do remember her being very angry with me after the court show had ended.  I wouldn't let her go outside in the heat.  I made her stay inside... this must have been "jail" and I was her warden.

Dehydration.  It is allowing my mom to dream up some pretty crazy scenarios.  Over the last few weeks, I've gotten myself into a great deal of trouble with her.  Hallucinations created in her mind made her angry... with me!  She has had a chip on her shoulder, attempting to pick fights at any moment.

It has been difficult for me to keep my mouth shut.  It's akin to someone poking you with a sharp stick.  It's annoying and after constant poking can drive even the most patient Care Giver to a breaking point.

My husband was able to talk to my mom last night before dinner.  She was agitated.  She was stuck on her jail hallucination.

"I am worried about the $864 that I was awarded by the judge.  If I go to pick it up, they'll arrest me."  My mom told my husband.

"Well, what if we can get them to send the money to someone else?"  My husband asked.

"No.  They'll get in trouble.  I'm worried that whoever gets the money, will be arrested."  My mom added in a worried tone.

"What if we have them send the money to the baby?  They can't arrest the baby."  I added.

"Yes, we can be sure that the money goes to your Great Grandson, then you don't have to worry about losing the money or going to jail."  My husband continued as he brushed his hands together as though he was dusting dirt from them, "It's all done, nothing to worry about."

My mom looked at Brian as though a bulb went off in her head.  "Aw, gee thanks.  That's terrific."  My mom was smiling, she was relieved.  She was getting the money "owed" to her, wasn't going to jail and she was able to give something to her handsome little Great Grandson.

Today we'll find out definitively from the blood test if she does need to be juiced up with more fluids.  I have noticed that after she has something like chicken soup. she does seem more clear and is way more pleasant.  My mom is drinking water, in her demented state, deep down she knows that she needs to drink water.

Hallucinations are part of our day.  Food and water are the triggers, too much food and she will hallucinate, too little water will also bring them on.  It's a balancing routine for us, every day we walk the line between Crazy Land and Reality.  What will today bring?


  1. when's the check commin'? or am i hallucinating too? haha.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Whatever you do, if she asks if the baby got the check from Judge Joe Brown, please say "yes!" :-)

    Gram does not forget. She asked about the check a few times already. I assured her that it was put into a college fund for her "cutie pie."