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11 July 2010

The Chin Trick

Well, our day didn't go as we had planned.

Bad weather brewing, heavy and severe thunderstorms with reports of flash flooding in the city where the pool party reunion was being held, caused us to turn left.

My sister Donna arrived on schedule, 11AM.  Ma was ready to head out the door for at least 2 hours.  My mom had become annoyed with me during her 2 hour wait; she hated Sue.  Sue was annoying the living crap out of my mom... to my mom, Sue was not in the room.

Donna asked my mom, "So, who is this?"  My mom said, "Sue. But not the Sue that I'm talking about, the other Sue."  Donna threw in "Susan" and my mom told us that she likes Susan, that I was Susan at that moment.  It was confusing.  My head hurt.

Only one more day to get through I thought, please Donna, let me open the door for the two of you... here, go out this door, it's closer to the outside.  I did open the closest door and Donna and my mom left for the day.  "Bye!  Have a fun time."  I said as I waved.

We decided to stay close to home yesterday.  We stopped at a local Mexican Restaurant for a Margarita and   a light lunch.  I had my camera and thought it would be nice to remember our little left turn to the Mexican Restaurant.  My camera has a feature where you can take pictures of yourself.

Every picture that I had taken my neck looked like I had 3 or more chins; my husband, he didn't have the chin problem.  I hated every single picture of me because I looked like I had no neck.  I hate that look, especially when I have worked so hard to get rid of the triple chin!

That's when my husband enlightened me about "the Chin Trick."  The Chin Trick is when you project your chin forward when taking pictures.  It solves the triple chin problem in photos.  Most folks, when they have their picture taken, tend to pull there head backward; creating hated photos of oneself.

Here we are, after drinking a Margarita, practicing the "Chin Trick."

No neck look... ewww!

Big nostrils and no neck!

A little better.

My conclusion:  If you have big teeth and a big smile, the chin trick doesn't work.

My Tip:  If you keep your mouth shut, then you can keep extra chins from magically appearing in photos of yourself.


  1. LOL to the chin trick! I will have to try it. Glad you and hubby got to have a little fun time. Blessings to you all, Karen

  2. This is funny as all hell. And it's a great trick. I'm going to use it!

  3. Thanks Steph... hope you have more luck than I did!