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13 July 2010

She's Back!

Ten days was too long between Acupuncture sessions for my mom.  Acupuncture helps my mom with her dementia and Parkinson's symptoms.   The tremors that she had for years is the first symptom to leave her, giving her steady hands like those of a surgeon.

It takes a bit longer for her ability to communicate to manifest.  Both Acupuncture treatments took seven and a half hours before she was able to find her words and string them into coherent sentences.

My mom was a bit of a bitch yesterday afternoon, NO was the only word she knew how to say.  She didn't want to talk to me, she was defiant.  My mom had crazy eyes, looking past me at hallucinations, hallucinations that she wanted to know what they were doing.  I couldn't tell her, I didn't know even though my mom believes that I'm one of her "people."

She sat on the patio all afternoon and talked to her "people", people that only she could see.  My mom was engaged in full conversations with her hallucinations.  Her hands were flailing and occasionally she'd let out a big laugh.  Her hallucinations were entertaining her, she was having a great time.

Last night, it was about midnight and I heard my mom walking around upstairs.  I checked on her and she was insisting that her sister was knocking on the door and wanted to come in.  My mom was trying to open the window but wasn't able to because I had them locked.  She insisted that her sister was knocking or at least someone was knocking.

I assured her that she was dreaming and got her to go back to sleep.

This morning my mom was clear and able to find her words.  She told me how she woke up at midnight.  She told me about the knocking and how it wasn't her imagination.  She told me that when I went back to bed, she got up and opened the closet.  Sammy the cat was stuck in there and he was making noise in order to get someone's attention.  I never heard the cat when I was in her room.

Today my mom is a bit more sane.  She's pleasant and agreeable...  She's Back!

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