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29 July 2010

I Have Found the Silver Lining in the Clouds of Life

Respite days come and go as quickly for me as weekends did when I had a paying job.   Time passes  fast when I am allowed an opportunity to put Care Giving out of my mind.  Our Visiting Angel Cheryl carries the burden, allowing me to focus my time on myself.  Respite is exactly what we needed, everyone is happier, especially me.

It's really hard for me to fathom the thoughts that I was having during the hardest days, when I was completely alone for weeks on end caring for my insane mother.  

Respite saved us.

Two days in a row helps me because I can do things that I enjoy, things that feed my soul and create a sense of well being.  Respite causes me to sing and hum tunes, it makes me feel so good that I laugh.  I can handle Care Giving now, it's easier because I know that I can get away and recharge.

Yesterday was a great day for me.  I had bought 25 pounds of B rated tomatoes for 12 dollars from my favorite farm stand.  Tomatoes that I blanched, skinned, cored and slowly cooked in my crock pot in the morning before I left for some fun.  Dinner was Eggplant rolls with a 3 cheese stuffing.  The fresh tomato sauce gave dinner the taste of summer, flavor that only comes with fresh picked tomatoes.

I spent my day with my new best friend, she made me cry, however the tears that I shed were different than those from the past few years, these tears were tears of relief.  I have a friend.  I have a family.  I have an awesome husband.  I have found the silver lining in the clouds of life... family and friends!

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