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04 July 2010

An Independence Day to Remember

Mom's having good results with Acupuncture.  The first treatment has given my mom her voice, she can communicate.  She is finding her words and can tell everyone what's on her mind.  It's not all pleasant, mostly because she is still tied up in the memories of her hallucinations.  Fortunately, because she can tell me what's on her mind we are able to discuss the trouble and resolve the underlying issues.

Acupuncture has worked.

My mom is pleasant.  We can chat.  She understands me and what I am saying.  She isn't looking past me at some hallucination.  Mom easily engages in conversation after her first Acupuncture treatment; just like the old days.  It's exciting.  (The photo shows my mom and my sister Ann in 2001, 9 years ago when she was on lots of pharma drugs and eating the wrong foods.  My mom began hallucinating in 2005.)

I still don't know how long the affects of the Acupuncture will last.  In the study that I had read where they used Acupuncture for dementia, the test group who had a treatment regularly for 3 months had shown an average of a 43% improvement in cognition.  We'll use Acupuncture regularly, to begin she'll have a treatment twice a month.

This is certainly an Independence Day to remember, it's the year that my mom came back to the real world.  We are all regaining our independence this weekend.

Yesterday, for the first time in over 2 years, my husband and I left my mom home alone with my MIL.  We went out for 2 hours and even stopped for a Margarita on the way home from our quick little shopping trip.  It was like the old days, days when we would just hop in the truck and not worry about who will stay with Jo.

Mom is still doing great with the Acupuncture.  It's still working.  She's settling in to her new normal.  Her mind seems to be working better.  Bad and annoying behaviors are now just memories, memories I'd rather forget.  I prefer to embrace the progress, the happy times that Acupuncture has uncovered bringing with it an Independence Day to remember.


  1. Oh yes it is! She even wrote her name, "Jo" with the garden hose after she cleaned the patio and watered my plants. So cool!