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07 July 2010

The Affects of Acupuncture on Dementia

In my opinion, Acupuncture is an elixir of a sort, it has given my mom her voice.  She can communicate.  Seriously, I never thought I'd be able to talk to my mom again.

The study that I had read about Acupuncture for dementia stated that the participants had treatments 2 times a week for 3 months.  My mom was sharp as a tack for 3 days after her first Acupuncture treatment.  The last couple of days she's having more trouble finding her words.  Our ND is on vacation this week.  Monday, I'll have her see him again with a weekly schedule of Monday's and Friday's for the next 3 months.

Acupuncture is amazing.  It works for the type of dementia that my mom has going on in her head.

My mom, she can remember events and people.  Unlike most Alzheimer's patients, my mom can not be diverted to do a different activity - she doesn't forget.  My mom's issue is different.  It is a form of dementia.  She hallucinates and if she eats the wrong foods, delirium will rear it's ugly head.  Oh how I hate Lewy's cousin, Delirium.

Acupuncture is bringing peace into my home.  

How did I think of Acupuncture for my mom?

Well, I had respite.  I was able to stop and rest.  My batteries were recharged and my spirit was renewed.  I began to think, "there's got to be a solution to my mom's issues."  Of course, I never give up because my dad made sure that I learned the lesson, "we never fail until we quit."

I was in pain from all the stress.  Loss of sleep made the stress worse.  I was in a downward spiral with feelings of hopelessness and despair taking front and center stage of my life.  The more I thought about how bad my life was and that it couldn't get any worse... IT DID!

I had to change my thinking.  I knew what I needed, but I couldn't do it alone.  I was stuck in a ditch.  My creativity was gone.  I had nothing left.  I was giving up.  Ma was going to a nursing home as soon as possible.  I cried.  I felt defeated.  It sucked.

However, respite gave me the little bit of energy that I needed to regain my creativity.  I called Dr. Barton and made an appointment for acupuncture to release my stress and pain.  I researched what it is and how it helps folks.  I read more and more.

I did a boolean Google search on acupuncture for dementia.  I found a study with 38 participants with an average cognition improvement, after 3 months of treatments 2 times a week, at 43%.   Interesting.  I read more.

The Eastern Cultures all honor their elders, especially the Chinese.  The seniors in their circles are honored for their sage wisdom.  The culture takes care of their seniors, they don't do "granny dumping" into nursing homes like we do in our selfish me first culture here in the West.

Heck, at one time back in the 1960's, I remember the birth of the "nuclear family;"  Mother, Father, children.  No extended family.  No Grammy.  No Gramps.  No Aunts.  No Uncles.  Core family was the way of the world.  No one shared.  Families were unbalanced.  Kids from 'nuclear families' seemed to be more screwed up and became substance abusers.  Why?  They were robbed of extended family love, a love that lasts a lifetime.  Are these the kids that are dumping their folks in a home instead of doing all that one can to honor our seniors?

I do understand that there comes a time when a nursing home is necessary for our folks, especially when the burden is too heavy, causing the Care Giver to become ill.  I will only go the nursing home route after I've exhausted all options to help my mom stay home.

Acupuncture is our latest "thing" to try.  It makes sense.  Western Cultures have worked thousands of years to help their seniors.  Acupuncture has been used in Western Civilizations for thousands of years to treat all ailments and provide healing.  It works.  It's even recognized by modern medicine as an effective method for treating hypertension and stress.

I can comment on the benefits of acupuncture on stress, it works.  I have not felt as good as I do for a long time.  My body is pain free.  My spirit is lifted.  I have hope.  I will keep on keeping on.  I will move forward in life; laughing dancing and singing.   I am a better Care Giver.

Like dad always told me, "Wait a minute, things will change."  They do change ... things did change for us.  Just hang on, it's not as bad as you think.  Pray for help.  Believe help is here and it will arrive.  It takes a lot of faith in oneself to never give up on something that you believe is worthwhile.

Life is worthwhile.

Acupuncture has given us hope, all of us, especially my mom.  


  1. How long did the acupunture work on your Mom? Would love to know more. Going through this right now with my own Mom.

  2. darlene. I am sorry you are living through this with your mom. Acupuncture worked.

    I also discovered beet juice late in her illness. It improved her cognition; she knew who I was before she died. Lysine the amino acid was a bit miraculous with how it helped her mind come back. Email me if you would like to know what I did to help my mom have better days right up to her last day on Earth. There is an alternative to drugs... Food matters.

    My email is in my profile.

  3. I like acupuncture treatment , because I am a cricketer and several times in the cricket season I cant take part with my teams because shoulder pain. I don't like to take traditional medicine and now looking for a permanent treatment. I learned that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is very effective for the pain relief. Thank you for the valuable writings.

  4. Well, In a recent study about acupuncture treatment it is found that women confronting depression during pregnancy experienced a greater reduction in symptoms when treated with acupuncture targeted to treat depression, compared with those treated with control acupuncture.

  5. Wow!

    You can't imagine how well I relate to you, Susan. I found you today after 'Googling' "acupuncture for dementia."

    I cared for my parents for six years, alternating months with one of my two sisters. Dad died two years ago, and Mom died 4 months ago. Mom's the one with dementia (Alzheimer's disease).

    As did you, I wanted to take care of them, as long as was possible. We were fortunate that it worked for us, keeping them both in their home, until the end of both their lives.

    The caretaking had worn me down,as well. It wasn't so much the taking care of my parents, but the fitting my life into the equation that made it so complex. lol

    As I am self-employed, I had to take care of business, so to speak, when my parents were asleep, so my entire life was out of whack. My body was reeling from all the stress: depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, weight gain - you name it...

    When we finally took care of their estate, for the most part, and I finally got home, full time, to finally start the next chapter of my life, my body rhythm was so out-of-whack, still, that I finally sought help from a source other than myself or my personal physician.

    I knew the symptoms I was experiencing were interconnected, so when the nurse practitioner student in his office told me to limit my complaints to a maximum of two per visit and having more frequent office visits to get in the complaints while distractedly looking at her watch, I knew I had to look elsewhere for help. (I'd already been trying various practices and herbal treatments on my own.)

    Since we'd had a talk about faith, early in my visits with this doctor, he felt my faith could sustain me through a difficult time (this is what I perceive from him), never realizing that God had sent me to him for help... lol

    After one acupuncture treatment and only six days' time, I'm at least 50% better than I was, one week ago, and haven't even completed the projected treatment course!

    I fervently wish I'd known about this, a year or so back, when my precious Mom was still here with an option to be helped. I will not dwell on this, though, because it is already past...

    However, I feel so much better, and know through genome testing I have a 25% chance of acquiring Alzheimer's disease, I know acupuncture will be with me for the duration of my life.

    I'll be sticking with your blog, as well! What a gift you are sharing with others! :-)

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