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17 July 2010

Seven and A Half Hours ...

... that's how long it takes for Acupuncture to begin working for my mom.

It was an intense ride yesterday afternoon with Lewy taking over, my mom was gone.  The person in front of me looked like my mom, same voice as my mom, but she didn't speak like my mom.

It was not a good day for me as my mom's Care Giver, she "couldn't stay in the same room" with me.  Every time she gets totally insane with directed anger toward me for no clear reason, it freaks me out.  My only recourse is to strap myself in and hang on until the storm passes.

My mom has had 3 Acupuncture Treatments, 2 this past week, one on Monday and another on Friday (yesterday.)  She was agitated going to the appointment, mostly because I told her that she had to do it and she had to use her own money.  During one of my mom's clear moments I explained to her that her "rent" for living here with us is to use her Social Security check every month to pay for her health treatments and supplements.  Yesterday, she forgot about this and kept telling me that she couldn't afford the Acupuncture.  I told her that she couldn't afford not to have the treatments.  She had the Acupuncture.

The needle that went into the point on her upper lip, hurt.  She told the doctor that it hurt and he put in a new needle.  This one hurt too but she didn't tell Dr. Barton, she toughed it out.  She should have told him, he would have removed it and put one in until it didn't hurt.

I've been thinking about pain in the pressure point areas; makes me wonder if the pain is indicative to the area's energy being clogged.  I wonder if it was the warning sign that Lewy was pissed and the Acupuncture is working.

Yesterday afternoon reminded me of a sort of Exorcism where Acupuncture was the Priest and my mom's Lewy Bodies was the evil entity being exorcised.

The only Exorcism that I had seen was the one in the movie, "The Exorcist" with Linda Blair as the soul who was taken over by the devil.  If my mom's head began spinning and projectile vomiting green pea soup looking stuff, I surely would have called 911.

Seven and a half hours is how long it seems to take for the Acupuncture treatment to relax my mom and change her attitude toward me.  Like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, my mom changes, she goes from super bitch mom to a sweet old lady.  

Today my mom woke up and said, "I am so happy."  She has been telling me about her dreams, dreams that at one time she'd tell me really happened.  In her dreams last night she had a new apartment, her own place that was built by her "people."

Happy Birthday Ma!  Today you are 81.

We'll celebrate with family and she'll get to see her Great Grandson.  I'm excited for today because yesterday I didn't think we would be able to go.  I thought I was going to miss out seeing my family, all of them together in one place.  Yesterday my mom didn't want to drive with me to her party.  Today however, she's in a good place, she's happy and looking forward to driving with me to her party.

Today will be a day to remember and all it took was seven and a half hours.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ma! You've got yourself one helluva daughter. I know you know that...and I hope she knows it too :)