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01 August 2010

Coconut Pineapple Potion

Last week when my mom and I went shopping at Whole Foods, there was a sample station for a pineapple drink.  It was made with fresh pineapple, ice and Naked Coconut Water made from Green Brazilian Coconuts.  We both loved the refreshing taste; I bought 2, 1/2 pint containers, 2 for $3.00.

My mom had bought a pineapple when she was out with Cheryl, so we had all the ingredients.

Yesterday I made the drink that I now call the Coconut Pineapple Potion.  Why?  Because after drinking the drink, my mom was able to find her words!  Granted she was telling me about her hallucinations and what they were doing in the back yard, but heck, she was finding her words to tell me.  One day before, she was not able to find any words which was upsetting to her.

Here's the recipe, it is really delicious and it made my husband and me feel really great after drinking some of the potion.

Coconut Pineapple Potion

1/2  fresh Pineapple cut into chunks 
1/2 of the container of Naked Coconut Water
1 tall glass of ice cubes

Place all ingredients in the blender in this order, pineapple, water and ice.  Blend until the ice is chopped and the drink has a frozen drink consistency.  Drink and enjoy.

I'm anxious for my mom to have Acupuncture tomorrow.  I'll give her a drink of Coconut Pineapple Potion in the morning.  Maybe it won't take seven and a half hours for the acupuncture to appear to "kick in?"

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