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03 July 2010

Acupuncture Brought Peace

Every Saturday has been a day that my husband and I have dreaded for a very long time.

My mom doesn't seem to like Saturday in her demented state of mind.  Something about the day upsets her; often I wonder if it's because my husband is home with me all day and I don't give her the amount of attention that she gets during the week.

In any case, Saturday's usually suck.  Weekends typically rot, it's the norm.  I pray for Monday.  I pray for a little peace that is invited along by a week day routine.  Weekends have been a crap shoot... we never knew what to expect.  I still don't.

The acupuncture is still working for my mom, we are within the first 24 hours of her treatment.  She was up early this morning and dressed at 5:30 AM but today was different.  I said to her in my sleepy haze, "What are you doing dressed so early?  It's 5:30 on Saturday morning?"

My mom looked at me, smiled and put her finger to her lips.  Raising her foot to show me, "But Susie, I don't have my shoes on, I have my water shoes."  She laughed and I laughed.  She was having a good day.  She just happened to be wide awake.  She knew enough not to put on her loud clunky shoes which sound extra loud during the quiet of the morning.

We had a cup of coffee together and she had her supplements.  She was falling asleep sitting in the chair so I suggested she lay down for a little longer.  It was way too early to go to Whole Foods.  I promised her that I'd wake her in time to shop.  She is still sleeping.

I'm anxious for my mom to wake up.  I'm excited to see how she does in Whole Foods, a regular routine of ours, shopping for ingredients to prepare into health filled meals.  I wonder if the monkey in the bananas will wink at her or if she'll recognize it for what it is, a stuffed toy monkey.

Acupuncture brought peace to my mom and as an added bonus, it has permeated throughout my entire home.  Balance.  I love balance.  I love holiday weekends and weeks that are hazy, hot and humid.

This weekend, my country celebrates Independence Day, an appropriate time for me to have my own Independence Day, one where I am a little more free from the insanity that has bound me for so long.  I feel liberated today, way more than I did last weekend.  Just like my dad always told me, "wait a minute, things will change"; circumstances shifted as expected.

Happy 4th of July to all of my country people, may you find your own independence this weekend from whatever chains that are binding you.



  1. Sounds like things are still going well. I hope this continues to be the case. Have a great holiday!

    And give mom and YOURSELF lots of hugs!!!

  2. Thanks Roschelle! It is still working. She is happy and doesn't need to know where I am ever second of every day. I can leave her alone. She is laughing at TV again, she always laughed at TV before she lost her mind.

    Acupuncture is freaking amazing.

    Happy 4th of July! Big hugs to your kitties.