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12 July 2010

I Love This Monday!

Usually folks love Friday but today I love Monday.  Today my mom goes back to our Naturopath Doctor for another Acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncture has helped her dementia and Parkinsons symptoms.  It has also given my mom her ability to communicate which makes Care Giving much easier.

My mom's had one Acupuncture treatment 10 days ago.  The first 3 - 4 days after the session she was able to focus on TV, she watched 2 movies back to back, laughing at all the appropriate places.  She was laughing at old re-run sitcoms.

The one improvement that I personally enjoyed the most was listening to my mom talk to me.  She found her words; she was communicating.  I was able to reason with my mom.  My mom, she was able to talk on the phone to her children.  She was beginning to learn how to use the TV remote control by herself.

Today is Monday.  Our doctor is back from vacation and my mom is seeing him today for another Acupuncture treatment.  Yay!

My mom's cognition waned slowly after the first Acupuncture treatment.  Yesterday was day 9 and she was back to her old crazy ways.  Talking to the air, having full conversations with no one that I could see.  She frowned all day.  She tried to talk to me throughout the day but none of her words were coming to her.

She hallucinated a lot.  Ceremonies galore in the back yard, ceremonies that she watched and wondered what was going on .  She asked me what was going on.  I couldn't tell her.  She got mad because she believed that I knew but wouldn't tell her.  I didn't even know where to begin with making up a story to put her mind at ease.

She became frustrated.  A few days before she was able to remember the right words to express her desires.  Yesterday, she couldn't, she was upset, she didn't want to do anything.  Nothing was bringing her joy, she was mad because her words were not coming.

Frustration leads to agitation in my mom, it's this cycle that welcomes behavior issues, behaviors that are unwanted and make Care Giving much more difficult.

Yesterday is behind us, it's Monday and the doctor is in.  I love this Monday.

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