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06 July 2010

Look Who's Still Talking!

It's now been 4 days since my mom had Acupuncture to help her with her dementia.  She is still able to talk and tell us what she's thinking, which is a great help with keeping peace in our home.

The 4th of July was a pleasant day that was spent at home.  My mom, she watched two movies, back to back!  She hasn't been able to watch a 30 minute TV show let alone one movie, she watched two!

We went in the pool, we had grilled food and I made potato salad using herbs from my garden to spice it up.  I weeded one of my flower beds and planted the mark down flowers that I had bought during my first day of respite last week.  The night was topped off with a neighbors illegal fireworks display exploding in a rainbow of colors over our house.

My mom, she was able to talk and tell us what she was thinking all weekend.  She was happy.  She watered my flowers and then wrote her name with the garden house, "Look at that." As she pointed to the garden hose on the ground, "What do you see?"  She asked.  

I replied, "Oh, very good, you made a 3 leaf clover."

"NO!  My mom said in a shot, "I wrote my name... Jo!"

We laughed.  I took a picture.

On the 4th of July, my mom and me went in the pool together when the sun was finally behind the trees, leaving the pool in a welcomed shadow.  It was like the old days when we would swim in the pool and talk about different topics.  I was happy.  My mom was laughing.  I was laughing.  We were living in peace with out any crazy Lewy showing up to spoil the fun.

Marty stopped over for a visit Monday morning, bright and early.  My mom was happy to see Marty, especially because she was able to talk to him again, something that she wanted to do but couldn't, she couldn't find her words.  Mom was following the conversations that we were having and laughing at the appropriate times.  Ma was back with a renewed lease on her life; laughter and smiles prevail.

I did notice that after my mom had a sandwich for lunch yesterday, she was more confused than she had been before she had eaten a sandwich.  She was having trouble finding her words, they were not coming as effortlessly as they were after her Acupuncture treatment.  Potato salad that she ate on the 4th of July, it too gave her a bout of confusion, just like the spelt wheat bread sandwich.  However, the homeopathic remedy Hyosyamos in a little water dialed her back to her new "normal."

The Acupuncture is still working but I am noticing that my mom isn't as sharp as she was on Friday night and Saturday.   The study that I had read about Acupuncture and dementia had given Acupuncture treatments twice a week for 3 months to the test group of 38 participants.  At the end of three months, the average improvement had increased by 43%.

My mom, she will have Acupuncture twice a week on Monday and Friday.  Next week, we'll see Dr. Barton again when he returns from vacation.  Acupuncture is giving my mom her life back, she is able to communicate and be more present in life.  If you have a loved one with what you think is Lewy Bodies Dementia, give Acupuncture a try.  It doesn't hurt and the results are miraculous.

Because of Acupuncture, my family is gathering on our mom's birthday.  All of us are getting together at my sister's camp, something that I never thought would happen until Ma died.  Ma is excited, mostly because she will get to see her great grandson, our cute little boy, the world traveler.

Today is Tuesday, Visiting Angel day.  Brian is on vacation.  We are in the middle of a heatwave.  The pool water is about 76 F, refreshing on days when the mercury reaches 100 F with high humidity.

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  1. Both of you seem to be getting the respite you needed so much....how thrilling!