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14 August 2010

Observation: Acupuncture Helps Tame Lewy Bodies Dementia Symptoms

Yesterday my mom had another acupuncture treatment.  She needed it.  Dr. Barton was away this week; it was a solid week since her last session.

I noticed that the treatment didn't work as well as previous treatments, Dr. Barton didn't put the needle in my mom's upper lip because she didn't like it.

My mom had difficulty finding her words last week, it was frustrating for her.  She noticed the inability to find words after acupuncture and it upset her.  I asked her to allow the doctor to put the pin in her upper lip because I believe it is the spot that allows her to find her words.  She agreed.

On the drive to the doctor, my mom was lethargic.  Slumping in her seat, a drooling face of stone and with fingers busily acting out whatever was in her mind, sadness filled my heart.  I prayed to BVM and asked her to help my mom.  I prayed that the Acupuncture treatment put a smile on her face as it usually had in the past.

Dr. Barton's colleague treated my mom with Acupuncture.  My mom was her disagreeable self as she got on the table.  She behaved differently with a woman practitioner doing the treatment.  She complained more.  She rarely complains to Dr. Barton... I wonder if it's because he's a man?  I know that once she told me how disappointed she was that he's married.

The treatment seemed to work fast this time.  She was laughing and smiling when she got off the table.  She commented that she felt drunk as she laughed with a big smile on her face.

We visited Patricia and brought her one of my gourmet sandwiches to try.  My mom loves visiting Patricia, especially in her office, we drive by on the way home so it's a perfect little pit stop.

My mom was smiling and laughing during the visit with Patricia, her favorite Daughter-in-law.  It was awesome.  I was grateful that the acupuncture worked.

Today we started off with a good day.  My mom is agreeable and happy.  She is not staring off into nothingness, lost in her own mind as she had been yesterday morning.

Through my observation, acupuncture helps tame Lewy Bodies Dementia symptoms in my mom.  I highly recommend Care Givers look into acupuncture for their loved ones or even just for themselves.

My mom finds her words after acupuncture, she can tell me what she needs, she can tell me about her hallucinations.  Even if what she is saying is like listening to a fantasy fiction movie, it calms her to be able to express herself, making caring for her much more enjoyable.  I enjoy improvisational acting, my mom's hallucinations help me to create stories which seem to validate her, bringing her peace.

From my personal experience, acupuncture relaxes me and allows me to tolerate the daily grind of caring for someone who has lost their mind.


  1. I'm sorry that your mom had to go through a hard time. I think most people do experience difficulties when they are older. Although I am glad that the acupuncture had taken effect this time and has helped to bring back your mom's smile and energy; it's beneficial to you as well. How often do you get this treatment now?

    Anisha Cason @US Health Works

  2. Hi Anisha, thank you for your comment.

    Acupuncture helped my mom a lot. When she began to decline from the natural progression of her illness, she couldn't handle acupuncture any longer. Acupuncture 3 times a week made a huge difference for my mom.

    Once she couldn't handle acupuncture, we did continue treating her with whole foods as her medicine and eased her dementia symptoms with vegetable juice made with beets, carrots and celery and also Lysine supplementation.

    I wrote my entire blog on how I took care of my mom, foods she could and couldn't eat... everything that I had done for my mom contributed to her having good days even though she was severely demented.

    My mom passed on Valentines Day this year. She died peacefully and got to see all of her children and grandchildren before she took her last breath. It was as happy an ending as we could give her.

    I have no regrets.