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12 August 2010

Does Ma Have Her Sight On a New Beau?

Original Art by Susan Powell
Christmas Card
My mom still is apprehensive about going to the Adult Day Health Program.  She refers to it as jail.

"Tell me something, how long do I need to go to jail?"  My mom asked me last night before bed.

"It's not jail, it's school.  You'll go as long as it takes to help your brain."  I answered.

She didn't believe me.

She told me about a few things that happened during the day.  Well, she mostly tried to tell me but ended up laughing when she thought about the events of the day.  She does enjoy the place once she's there, it's the getting there that's the trouble.

I've noticed that her fears manifest into hallucinations that always attempt to ruin her good reputation.

This morning she told me about a big chain on the door at the center and how it keeps everyone in.  "They don't let us out!" My mom exclaimed.

"No, no, Ma.  That chain is a magic chain.  It protects everyone inside by keeping out the scary spirits who try to mess with all of you.  The other folks there, they have similar issues like you but they know that the chain on the door protects them from any bad spirits that try to annoy you.    That's why none of them are frightened.

"Why do you think everyone is laughing all the time and having fun?  Because they don't have to worry about anything coming inside.  You are protected behind that chained door... the chain has magic powers, it's protection."   From experience, wild stories with fantasy always make sense to her.  She loves things with magic powers so I play off things that she likes which seem to work to calm her.

She is calm today.  We will go to the farm stand and get fresh local vegetables, a trip she always enjoys.  Tuesday she'll go back to the center with Cheryl.  Soon, I can see her going there every day and enjoying it, she's making friends and may even like a "fella" there.  Before I left her room last night she said, "Oh, by the way, don't you dare stop me from having a boyfriend!  There's a fella at the place that is nice, he's very good looking. "

I offered her to invite him to lunch sometime and I'd serve them a nice lunch on the patio.  She smiled, she liked the idea, only she's a bit shy... she doesn't even know his name and when I mentioned Cheryl helping her get to know him, she was like a school girl, "Oh, no!  Don't you dare.. he he he."  So... who knows, does Ma have her sight on a new beau?

Stay tuned...


  1. Too cute...Love the concept of implementing magical powers, it sounds like that worked well. Good for your mom, now be sure not to embarrass her around her new "friend."

    Sounds like she's starting to enjoy herself there. I think that's the biggest hurdle right there.

  2. I will do my best not to embarrass her, but I can't guarantee that I won't.

    I am looking forward to Tuesday when she goes back!