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20 August 2010

I Don't Brake For Hallucinations

Hallucinations, vivid images that my mom sees and describes in great detail have become her new friends.  She seems to live mostly on the other side with all of her dead relatives, mostly my dad and my brother.  It appears that she has only one toe in the pool of reality, a world that is becoming more and more foreign to her.

Driving in the car, my mom will sit in the front seat and occasionally yell out, "STOP!  There he is!!"  

"Who?"  I ask.

"Eddie! Stop!"  She'll exclaim in return to my question.

"Sorry Ma, I don't brake for Hallucinations."  I answer in a matter of fact tone.  "Why don't you just wave to let him know that you see him?"  I offer a suggestion.

My mom, she now waves, waving at something that she sees, someone who makes her smile.  Sometimes she talks to the people she sees, asking how they are or laughing because they are doing something funny.

My mom waves, she's the Queen of her reality, where she's the center of attention.  She loves the attention from her dead friends.

Children.  She had been seeing lots of children however, now that she seems to have made peace within her soul over the loss of her baby over 51 years ago, even  Dennis hasn't been around for a couple of days.  

My mom is focusing on my dad again.  This morning she woke up in a happy mood, she immediately told me about my dad.  "Daddy, he he he, he slept with me last night."  Her blood pressure was a little elevated today.  I couldn't understand why, then my mom said, "Oh, I know why.  he he he he... Daddy, he slept with me.  He's still in my bed sleeping."

Oh man, way too much information with the little "he he he" laugh that was coming out of my mom this morning.  Even at 50 years old, the idea of my parents "doing it" is way too much for me to handle.  Especially when one of my parents has been dead for over 30 years.  

Today, I don't brake for hallucinations... 

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