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28 August 2010

Acupuncture ... 5 Treatments and Cognition Is Improving

My mom has what we believe is Lewy Bodies Dementia, she has all the symptoms but has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Mom doesn't forget much, her trouble is word finding and hallucinations, vivid hallucinations that would make anyone eaves dropping believe that we had parties going on in our backyard every day, all day... or at times they would hear about elephants and wild horses, some appear in the trees.

Acupuncture is helping her significantly, she is able to communicate better and tell me what is on her mind.  She is finding her words which is keeping her from becoming agitated.  Her blood pressure is lower when she is able to find the right words to express herself.  The length of time that her cognition is improved after acupuncture is increasing.  A true blessing.

Yesterday, my mom was laying on the table in Dr. Barton's office.  He was putting the needles into the acupuncture points, starting at her feet and working his way up to her head.  He had just finished putting the needles in her wrists when she said to Dr. Barton, "Did you put the needles in my head yet?"

Dr. Barton was pleasantly surprised, he answered her, "Not yet, they're next."  He turned at the same time and mouthed the word, "WOW" with a big smile, this is the first time that he's seen improvement.  He had been a little bit of a skeptic, but I believe in acupuncture, I see the amazing results.  Results that Dr. Barton had not been witnessing because the initial treatments only lasted a few days and wore off by the time I brought my mom for her next appointment.  Dr. Barton wasn't a full believer in this study that claimed to improve cognition; he began to wonder if we could be wasting our money.

I asked him to hang in there with us and convinced him to follow the study; 2 treatments a week for 3 months.  The study results are impressive, averaging 43% cognition improvement in the small group of 38 people who participated in the study.

Acupuncture for dementia, it's working for my mother.  After 5 treatments, she is finding her words more easily.  Granted, she's telling me about her hallucinations, but at least she can tell me about her "visitors."  They entertain her.  Mom listens to music and dances with them on the patio; she is happy.  The music becomes part of her world and she believes everyone is privy to hearing the music that she hears.

This morning, she was a little confused with what day it is.  She woke up thinking that it is Friday and she needed to go and see Dr. Barton.  She woke up at 5am.  By the time I had heard her up and around, she was already fully dressed telling me that she was late and needed to get to her appointment with Dr. Barton.  Putting the morning news on TV helped me to convince her that it's Saturday, our food shopping day.

Mom is happy this morning.  She's listening to Pandora radio, Jason Mraz type music; she is singing out loud, out of tune and dancing in her seat while she is holding her worry beads.

In conclusion... Acupuncture, 5 Treatments and Cognition is Improving in my mom.  Acupuncture is providing my mom more good days which makes care giving so much easier.  I recommend finding a licensed acupuncturist to help a loved one with dementia, it's giving us a little more quality time with our mom.  I am grateful.

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