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23 August 2010

Oh No! My Worry Beads!!

"Oh No!!!!  My Worry Beads!"  My mom rushed into the kitchen, worried about her Worry Beads.

The beads were a gift from my SIL; she had given them to her last Friday when we visited her at work.

My mom has not let those beads out of her hands...  until today when Dr. Barton had her remove them so that he could do Acupuncture on her.

She has her own handling technique for the beads.  She wraps the beads around her wrist twice and then slips her fingers through.

She sleeps with them.

She sits with them during the day rubbing her fingers over the silver jackets covering a polished black stone.

My mom has been bothered by hallucinations; unwelcome visitors, entities that I've had to banish from my property.  Neighbors give me an odd look when they see me; I wonder if they hear me rushing outside screaming into the air, "Ok all you people.  Get the hell out of my yard!  I have called Dream Master... be warned."  Who cares who hears me, I do it for my mom because it calms her and helps her to stay in  happy place with happy hallucinations.

The Worry Beads play a role now too ... I told her that if she is outside and there's a visitor that she wants to go away, all she has to do is hold her Worry Beads and her power will be amplified through the beads, sending the visitor far away from her.

My mom will not leave those beads anywhere... however, she did lose them this afternoon as she announced, "Oh no!  My Worry Beads!"  

I stopped what I was doing and we went on a hunt.  I was in a panic, thinking that she dropped them outside somewhere.

My mom helped me to retrace her steps.   The beads have been found, now I can resume worrying about those worry beads!


  1. Worry beads have acted as a comfort to many, many people all over the world. I can see how your mom would easily become attached to them(figuratively anyway.) Perhaps you should inquire from your SIL if it would be possible to get an exact duplicate for you to keep as a back-up set in such situations?? It used to work with kids' "blankies". :)

  2. Great idea with the back up beads but these beads my SIL bought in Greece a long time ago. It's the reason I was so WORRIED when my mom thought she lost them.