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22 August 2010

Acupuncture for Dementia ... It Appears To Be Working

Patricia and Ma after shopping at Trader Joe's.
She's more "normal" after acupuncture.
My mom has had 3 Acupuncture treatments in a row.  Exactly as the study suggested; my mom has a treatment twice a week on Monday and Friday.  Tomorrow will be the 4th session in a row, she hasn't had 4 in a row yet.

What I've noticed is if she has a treatment and then skips an acupuncture session, she will revert back to where she had been before we started her on Acupuncture.

I've also noticed that it took 7 and a half hours for the treatment to "kick in" and bringing with it the ability for my mom to find her words so that she can tell us what's on her mind.  Granted she tells me about her hallucinations, her friends, but at least she can express herself.  Being able to say what's on her mind, crazy or not, definitely helps her to remain calm.

The 3rd session in a row was this past Friday, 2 days ago.  My mom is pleasant and happy.  She's agreeable to going to Adult Day Healthcare, mostly because she seemed to understand why she needs to go.  I've explained to my mom that we are working with the state to keep her home and out of a nursing facility. Socializing has been her nemesis, she just doesn't like to do it but she needs it for her overall good health.

People make us happy, not money, not things... people.

My conclusion so far is that Acupuncture for dementia it appears to be working.  My mom is still hallucinating but she's not bothered by what she is seeing.  She hasn't needed any homeopathic remedies for hallucinations for 2 days.

She has been nice to me for 2 days.  Her aggression toward me has stopped.  She's hugging me.  She's complimenting me.  She even said to me about her hallucinations, "You know, they all love you.  My friends tell me that you are great.  They want you to come with them.  I want you to come with me too... but I know you can't."

My mom wants me to die with her.  Fortunately, she is beginning to realize that once we die there's no coming back to Earth.  She's not afraid to die.  She is patiently waiting for the bus and helping all the lost children in Purgatory reunite with their mothers in Heaven.


  1. Even in the midst of your days where the frustration seems to be getting the best of you...you just keep giving.

    I've told you this before but I don't think I could ever say it enough. Your mother is so blessed to have you as a daughter.

    If my posts have tickled you, entertained you, or just gave you something to think about, please know that yours have warmed my heart.

    You are an angel Susan Higgins

  2. Thank you Roschelle. When I stop and look at what I have done or am doing, I wonder how I do it. Is it Love? Is it a form of OCD? I don't know for sure.

    Yes, yours is one of the blogs that I enjoy reading. You are a very good writer; I especially love your ER stories.

    Thank you for your thought-filled comment.