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10 August 2010

I Was In Jail!

"I was in jail!  My angel here saved me." My mom exclaimed as she came in the door after her first day at Adult Day Healthcare.

"I kept telling them, I didn't do it!  They kept me in jail."  She bellowed on.

"So, what's on the plan tomorrow?"  She asked me.

"You are going back to the center tomorrow.  Cheryl is coming and will take you."  I answered her.

"No.  I'm not going to jail again."  She answered.

Cheryl told me that she ended up having fun but there was a story to tell, a story about jail.

My mom, she believed that she was in jail when she got to the center.  I didn't get a chance to hear the story completely from Cheryl because my mom was in ear shot, I'd rather not call attention to any upsetting moments.

Cheryl was creative.... she was my mom's Attorney and she got her out of jail.   Once my mom was freed, she enjoyed herself.  She played horse racing and won.  She came home with 2 prizes.  A little purse and a little coffee cup.

Tomorrow she will go back and have more fun.  The more she goes the more she will enjoy going and one day, maybe she won't mind going by herself.


  1. That type of situation is so common. It's good that Cheryl was on top of it. God knows, we've had board meetings, tax deadlines, audits, and search and rescue events for the stranded people on life preserves, in my living room. Too often people try to just change their thoughts, or argue with them. Sounds like Cheryl handled it in a great, creative manner. Sounds like a good place for your mom to visit. Hopefully by tomorrow she will have forgotten about her prison experience.

  2. It does sound like a great place and Cheryl must be very precious. Hope you enjoy the respite while mom has fun :)

  3. Cheryl sounds like a true angel!

  4. muahahahahaha! confess your sins now Sue. She'll never remember anyway.


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